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Instructions on how to install a terminal-emulator and get root in the sailfish-x test build (the build is from vknecht)
1) Boot into sailfish-os and download thumbterm from here (you won't be able to install it yet)
2) Boot into hybris-recovery (fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img) and select shell
3) cd /tmp
4) mkdir mnt
5) mount /dev/sailfish/root mnt
6) mount /dev/sailfish/home mnt/home
7) chroot mnt
8) passwd
This changes your root password to whatever you enter, you need that because there is no devel-su installed so we need to use su
9) cd /home/nemo/Downloads
10) rpm -i --nodeps thumbterm-2.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm
This installs thumbterm ignoring some (apparently) unneeded dependency
11) exit (to exit chroot)
12) exit (to exit the shell)
13) select reboot
After rebooting to sailfishos you should see thumbterm in the application-launcher
To get root access use su instead of devel-su.
After that you can install the developer-mode (in which you can enable ssh) if you want by running
1) su
2) pkcon refresh
3) pkcon install jolla-developer-mode
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