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Last active Jun 2, 2020
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Deprecation Dailymotion postMessage API


If you landed on this page, you probably found a message like this in your logs:

This page is using deprecated Dailymotion postMessage API communication format that will be soon removed.
Please update your code. See for details.

Two possibilities

There are two possibilities how this could happen

  1. Your page is using bundled Dailymotion JS SDK and you have a severely outdated copy (note: we strongly discourage that; you should always use the latest SDK directly from our servers).

In such case, you should drop your copy of the SDK, and replace it with the one at

  1. Your page is not using Dailymotion JS SDK, but communications with Dailymotion embed iframe via postMessage API.

In such case, you should migrate your postMessage calls as in the examples below:

-  .contentWindow.postMessage("play"', "*")
+  .contentWindow.postMessage('{"command":"play"}', "*")

(similar for pause, mute etc.)

-  .contentWindow.postMessage("volume=0"', "*")
+  .contentWindow.postMessage('{"command":"volume", "parameters":["0"]}', "*")
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