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#targetengine main
try {
//for PS and ID, we need the display name of the Color Settings file. This is what you see in Edit>ColorSettings
var colorSettingsFile = "North America Prepress 2";
if ( === "Adobe InDesign") {
//InDesign uses app.colorSettings.cmsSettings
app.colorSettings.cmsSettings = colorSettingsFile;
//alert("Color Settings are now: " + app.colorSettings.cmsSettings);
} else if ( === "Adobe Photoshop") {
//PS uses app.colorSettings
app.colorSettings = colorSettingsFile;
//alert("Color Settings are now: " + app.colorSettings);
} else if ( === "Adobe Illustrator") {
//Special case for AI, which has an array of all available Color Settings.
//We need to find the specific color settings file in the array, then get
//its display name so we can use it to set the Color Settings
//for AI, we need the file name of the specific Color Settings file you want to select.
var settingFile = getAIColorSettingFile('North America Prepress.csf');
if (settingFile) {
//alert("Color Settings are now: " + settingFile.displayName);
//this function finds the Display Name of the Color Settings file and returns that file.
function getAIColorSettingFile(name) {
var settingIdx = app.colorSettingsList.length - 1;
var matchToFileLowerCaseName = name.toLowerCase();
var settingFile = null;
while (!settingFile && settingIdx >= 0) {
settingFile = app.colorSettingsList[settingIdx];
var settingFileLowerCaseName = settingFile.displayName.toLowerCase();
if (settingFileLowerCaseName != matchToFileLowerCaseName) {
settingFile = null;
return settingFile;
} catch (e) {
alert("Could not set Color Settings to " + colorSettingsFile, "Color Setting Warning", true);
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