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Jamie Dixon jamessdixon

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jamessdixon / TAMGeolocationService
Created Jun 9, 2015
Texas A&M Geolocation Service in F#
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#r "../packages/FSharp.Data.2.2.2/lib/net40/FSharp.Data.dll"
open System.IO
open System.Text
open FSharp.Data
let sample = "..\Data\TAMUHttpGet.json"
type Context = JsonProvider<sample>
jamessdixon / Covid
Created Dec 19, 2020
Looking at the COVID Genome Using F#
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open System
open System.IO
let path = "/Users/jamesdixon/Downloads/sequence.fasta"
let file = File.ReadAllText(path)
let totalLength = file.Length
let prefixLength = 97
let suffixLength = 2
let stringSequence = file.Substring(prefixLength,totalLength-prefixLength-suffixLength)
View BioinformnaticsFrequentWords.fsx
let frequentWords (text:string) (k:int) =
let patternCounts =
|> Seq.windowed k
|> c -> new string(c))
|> Seq.countBy(fun s -> s)
|> Seq.sortByDescending(fun (s,c) -> c)
let maxCount = patternCounts |> Seq.head |> snd
|> Seq.filter(fun (s,c) -> c = maxCount)
jamessdixon / BioinformnaticsPatternCount
Created Sep 15, 2020
Bioinformatics: Pattern Count
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let patternCount (text:string) (pattern:string) =
|> Seq.windowed pattern.Length
|> c -> new string(c))
|> Seq.filter(fun s -> s = pattern)
|> Seq.length
let pattern = "ACTAT"
patternCount text pattern
jamessdixon / WebCrawling
Last active Dec 19, 2019
WebCrawling With F#
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#r @"C:\Users\DIXON2019\.nuget\packages\\11.1.0\lib\netstandard2.0\Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Blob.dll"
#r @"C:\Users\DIXON2019\.nuget\packages\\11.1.0\lib\netstandard2.0\Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Common.dll"
#r @"C:\Users\DIXON2019\.nuget\packages\\1.0.5\lib\netstandard2.0\Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Table.dll"
#r @"C:\Users\DIXON2019\.nuget\packages\\2.1.3\lib\netstandard1.6\Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core.dll"
open System
open System.Net
open System.Windows.Forms
jamessdixon / Dream Cheeky Thunder Conrtoller
Created Aug 20, 2014
Control the Dream Cheeky Thunder via code.
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namespace ChickenSoftware.WeaponSystems
open System
open System.Threading
open UsbLibrary
type public MissileLauncher() =
let usbPort = new UsbHidPort()
let handle = new IntPtr()
let mutable devicePresent = false
View FSAuth0
open System
open Xamarin.Forms
open Auth0.OidcClient
type LoginParameters = { audience : string }
type AuthenticationService() =
jamessdixon / CSharpToFSharp
Created Aug 31, 2018
Convert Auto-Generatd C# classes to F# Types
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open System
open System.IO
open System.Collections.Generic
let path = @"C:\Git\..."
let folderInfo = System.IO.DirectoryInfo(path)
let files = folderInfo.GetFiles("*.cs")
let parseClass (values: IEnumerable<string>) =
let className =
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namespace ChickenSoftware.PanzerGeneral
open System.IO
open FSharp.Data
open Xamarin.Forms
open System.Reflection
type TileContext = JsonProvider<"Data//Scenario_Tile.json">
type UnitContext = JsonProvider<"Data//Scenario_Unit.json">
type EquipmentContext = JsonProvider<"Data//Equipment.json">
View PGP_XMLToJSon.fsx
#r "System.Xml.Linq.dll"
#r "Newtonsoft.Json"
open System.IO
open System.Xml
open System.Xml.Linq
open Newtonsoft.Json
let convert xmlPath jsonPath =