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Chris Jamieson jamiesoncj

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jamiesoncj / gist:b2ce50331cef3aee969b
Created Sep 24, 2014
Chaplaincy events helper JS walkthrough for Adam
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/* campus events (this is custom.js line 71) */
// first, select each views row on the campus events products view (first view as per email)
$(".view-id-campus_events.view-display-id-page .views-row, .view-id-campus_events_products.view-display-id-page .views-row").each(function(index) {
// examine the current URL.get the page id we are currently on (from the URL). Get only the query parameters (the bits after the "q" in the URL) - NB this means the function will fail if Drupal clean URLs is enabled.
var pathname =;
// using the query parameters, get the page number by getting the value of the "page" parameter
var pageNumber = pathname.split('page=')[1];
// if we haven't found anything, this is the first page (but it's zero-indexed, so it's page 0)
jamiesoncj / U.S. and Europe
Last active Aug 29, 2015
ISO Currency Codes allowed by Stripe
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stripeAllowedCurrencies = ["aed", "afn", "all", "amd", "ang", "aoa", "ars", "aud", "awg", "azn", "bam", "bbd", "bdt", "bgn", "bif", "bmd", "bnd", "bob", "brl", "bsd", "bwp", "bzd", "cad", "cdf", "chf", "clp", "cny", "cop", "crc", "cve", "czk", "djf", "dkk", "dop", "dzd", "eek", "egp", "etb", "eur", "fjd", "fkp", "gbp", "gel", "gip", "gmd", "gnf", "gtq", "gyd", "hkd", "hnl", "hrk", "htg", "huf", "idr", "ils", "inr", "isk", "jmd", "jpy", "kes", "kgs", "khr", "kmf", "krw", "kyd", "kzt", "lak", "lbp", "lkr", "lrd", "lsl", "ltl", "lvl", "mad", "mdl", "mga", "mkd", "mnt", "mop", "mro", "mur", "mvr", "mwk", "mxn", "myr", "mzn", "nad", "ngn", "nio", "nok", "npr", "nzd", "pab", "pen", "pgk", "php", "pkr", "pln", "pyg", "qar", "ron", "rsd", "rub", "rwf", "sar", "sbd", "scr", "sek", "sgd", "shp", "sll", "sos", "srd", "std", "szl", "thb", "tjs", "top", "try", "ttd", "twd", "tzs", "uah", "ugx", "usd", "uyu", "uzs", "vnd", "vuv", "wst", "xaf", "xcd", "xof", "xpf", "yer", "zar", "zmw"];
jamiesoncj / gist:c81443fcfbe19ea34630
Created Jan 23, 2015
GoCardless Incorrect token error
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import gocardless
from api import settings
# set environment to sandbox
gocardless.environment = settings.GOCARDLESS_ENVIRONMENT
jamiesoncj / gist:dd6047be45bcaaccc718
Last active Aug 29, 2015
GoCardless bad request error
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# when get_gc_partner_authorization_url() is called, returns a URL
# when that URL is visited in the browser, error occurs
# error is: "invalid client_id or redirect_uri for sandbox environment"
gocardless.environment = settings.GOCARDLESS_ENVIRONMENT
app_id=settings.GOCARDLESS_MERCHANT_APP_ID, # taken from
app_secret=settings.GOCARDLESS_MERCHANT_APP_SECRET, # taken from
access_token=settings.GOCARDLESS_MERCHANT_ACCESS_TOKEN, # taken from
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var $ = document.getElementById.bind(document);
var $$ = document.querySelectorAll.bind(document);
var App = function($el){
this.$el = $el;
jamiesoncj / gist:06e06dc16680fde2e8b3
Created Mar 24, 2015
Message thread query syntax mongolab
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"_id": {
"$oid": "5507785bd4a87b03003f5c5b"
jamiesoncj / gist:b0bded976eb8c60b44ea
Created Mar 24, 2015
Python convert from unicode
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# original from
def convert_from_unicode(input):
if isinstance(input, dict):
return dict((convert_from_unicode(key), convert_from_unicode(value)) for key, value in input.iteritems())
elif isinstance(input, list):
return [convert_from_unicode(element) for element in input]
elif isinstance(input, unicode):
return input.encode('utf-8')
return input
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## Ubuntu
- Install from Live DVD
## Dev tools
- Sublime
- Git
- Heroku
- Meteor
jamiesoncj /
Created Oct 7, 2015
Segment available integrations

The following is a list of integrations available via Segment as at 7th Oct 2015

  • Facebook Conversions
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • GoSquared
  • Hello Bar
  • Intercom
  • Lucky Orange
  • MailChimp
jamiesoncj / Simple Equal Heights
Created Apr 28, 2013
Simple JavaScript / jQuery code to set equal heights to elements. Original snippet from Paul Irish
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/* equal heights */
$.fn.setAllToMaxHeight = function(){
return this.height( Math.max.apply(this, $.map( this , function(e){ return $(e).height() }) ) );
$(window).load(function() {
$('#elementID, .elementClass').setAllToMaxHeight();
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