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jamis / sphere-sphere.c
Created Dec 28, 2018
Sphere of spheres, stress test for my ray tracer from "The Ray Tracer Challenge" (C implementation)
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#include <stdio.h> /* file */
#include <stdlib.h> /* free */
#include <math.h> /* M_PI, cos, sin */
#include <limits.h> /* INT_MAX */
#include "rtc/camera.h"
#include "rtc/shapes/shape.h"
#include "rtc/shapes/sphere.h"
#include "rtc/shapes/group.h"
#include "rtc/shapes/plane.h"
jamis / rotkohl.txt
Created Feb 7, 2018
Basic Rotkohl Recipe
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Rotkohl is a traditional German dish made primarily of red cabbage.
My father developed a taste for it in the 1970's, when he lived in Germany
for two years, and I've been trying to find a good recipe for it for
a couple years now. Simultaneously, my dad's diet has become quite
restrictive: no oils, no sugar, etc, and all of the rotkohl recipes I've
found online include both.
The following recipe is one that I've adapted from several sources, and
it is made entirely without sugar or oil (or any of the other bells and
whistles that you'll find in other recipes). The most amazing part is that
jamis /
Created Feb 24, 2017
Source files for Jamis' "designing for tests" presentation at AtomicJolt

Let's talk about testing.


  • Simple recursive-descent parser
  • Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) with three node types (Binary, Unary, Atom)
  • #evaluate is the only public API on Calc
    • parses the input
  • evaluates the AST
jamis / 000-_init.rb
Last active Mar 1, 2017
Source files from a presentation to AtomicJolt about wrapping a general API (Nokogiri) with a domain specific API
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# rubocop:disable Style/SingleLineMethods
require 'nokogiri'
class Object; alias try send; end
class NilClass; def try(*); nil; end; end
jamis / change-x-for-y.rb
Created Mar 12, 2016
A script for searching a dictionary file for words that are relatable via a simple text substitution
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# Inspired by a church billboard that read:
# "When I becomes we, illness becomes welness"
# usage:
# > ruby change-x-for-y.rb i we
# illness wellness
# inch wench
# it wet
# ...
jamis / Whole Wheat Bread Recipe.txt
Last active Mar 19, 2019
Jamis' recipe for homemade whole wheat bread
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Jamis' Whole Wheat Bread
(Pardon the mixed metric/imperial units. I'm a product of my time.)
450 g warm water
450 g milk
1 tbl apple cider vinegar
1 tbl shortening
jamis / upsilon.rb
Created Nov 28, 2015
Implementation of an upsilon grid (tiled octagons & squares) and corresponding maze.
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require 'chunky_png'
class Cell
attr_reader :row, :col
def initialize(row, col)
@row, @col = row, col
@links = {}
jamis / torus-grid.rb
Last active Oct 17, 2017
Generate and display a toroidal grid (adaptively subdivided to reduce distortion).
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require 'chunky_png'
class ToroidalGrid
class Cell
attr_reader :row, :column
attr_reader :north, :south
attr_accessor :east, :west
def initialize(row, column)
@row, @column = row, column
jamis / mater_matcher.rb
Created Oct 20, 2015
Mater does Rspec: ` not_to`
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RSpec::Matchers.define :not_to do
match { |actual| !actual }
RSpec.describe "Mater" do
specify "says `to not to' to mean false" do
expect(false).to not_to
expect(true).not_to not_to
jamis / benchmark-dup.rb
Created Sep 26, 2015
Compare Array#dup on 1D array, versus Marshal.load(Marshal.dump(...)) on 2D array
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require 'benchmark'
N = 100_000
SIZE = 10
array_1d = * SIZE, 0)
array_2d = {, 0) } do |bm|"1d.dup") { N.times { array_1d.dup } }