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Small JavaScript snippet to make the Genesis site header stick to the top when scrolling down.
jQuery(function ($) {
$(window).scroll(function () {
var yPos = ($(window).scrollTop());
if (yPos > 200) { // show sticky menu after screen has scrolled down 200px from the top.
// add a custom class to the site header for custom styling.
// if you feel brave, switch logos (e.g. to match different background colors).
$("img.custom-logo").attr("src", "http://localhost/wp-content/path/to/sticky-logo.svg");
} else {
// Remove the class to show the non-sticky header design.
// Revert to original logo.
$("img.custom-logo").attr("src", "http://localhost/wp-content/path/to/original-logo.svg");
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