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Flashing a GeeksPhone with a newer version of Firefox OS

Here are instructions on how to flash your Geeksphone.


  1. First of all you'll need to have adb and fastboot, these are included in the Android SDK
  2. If your phone can be turned on, enable 'Remote debugging' (in Settings -> Device Information -> More information -> Debugging)
    • Now see if your device is listed when you type adb devices in the terminal
    • If so: run adb reboot bootloader
  3. If your phone is bricked, load into bootloader by pressing power and volume up
    • Verify that the phone is listed when running fastboot devices

Flashing from firmware

If GeeksPhone provides you with firmware (ask them nicely?):

Download and unzip a firmware, and open ScriptKEONFlash.bat (if you have an orange device) or ScriptPEAKFLASH.bat (if white device). In here are fastboot commands, run them in the terminal.

Flashing from source

  1. If possible: First flash from firmware to do a kernel update
  2. Clone B2G from
  3. Clone mozilla-central from
  4. In B2G create a file called .userconfig with content:
  5. Now run ./ keon (takes long)
  6. Now run ./ gecko (takes long)
  7. Flash Gecko with ./ gecko
  8. Now clone Gaia
  9. Run make reset-gaia

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@marcusklaas marcusklaas commented May 22, 2013

Yo Jan, some questions. Does this preserve data like contacts? Are these instructions specific to either OSX or LINUX or WINDOWS? Is step 5 in the flashing from source specific for the Keon or is this the same for the Peak? Did Geeksphone provide you with firmware? If so, why not share with us? :-)

Edit: step 4 in flashing from source suggests that you did this on OSX. Should I be trying this on an Ubuntu machine? Or should I grow a brain of my own and figure it out :P


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@janjongboom janjongboom commented May 25, 2013

Hi Marcus,

These instructions are for OSX, but should work on Linux as well. Keon & Peak are the same here, there are no drivers needed. You can get GeeksPhone firmware from the GP forums. Ubuntu should be fine, but you will need to specify a different GECKO_OBJDIR (ls the mozilla-central dir to find out :) ).


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