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Last active Dec 14, 2015

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Notater fra Git dag 3


  • via hubot/chat, alle kan se hvordan det gjøres på første dag
  • deployer feature-brancher til produksjon, master/produksjon låses mens feature branch er ute
    • konvensjon: 15 minutter hvor man følger med før merge til master
  • én monolittisk rails-app, "limit number of parts affected by each push"
  • regler for hva som kan deployes via feature-branchen
    • databaseendringer rulles ut til produksjon separat fra kodeendringer
    • revers for å slette fra basen, først fjerne koden, så fjerne basen
    • rename vanskelig, skjer sjelden/aldri
  • deployes via capistrano
    • heaven (internal tool), web service that orchestrates all capistrano deployments
    • puppet altfor treigt for deployment
  • feature branches are short-lived, 3-4 days max, "I feel unproductive if I can't push a feature branch to production every day"
  • feature toggles
  • .com team - priority is shipping fast
    • no time spent on rebase/amend, keeping a clean history
    • different story for open source projects
  • one feature, drag image to upload
  • 26 branches, small changes
  • last branch toggled the feature on for normal users


  • chat -> elasticsearch
  • new relic
  • (node + coffeescript), github/hubot-classic
  • haystack (internal logging tool) - graphs, spikes, live updating
  • nagios
  • collectd
  • statsd + graphite
  • dashboard:
    • api.{auth,freq,ua,v,events.delivered},
    • app-perf.{mysql-time},
    • apps,
    • assets,
    • autids,
    • backup billing,
    • browser.{frontend,response_time},
    • bugs,
    • business
  • "couldn't ship the app without haystack/graphite" - devs use it every day


Default settings

  • branch.autosetuprebase true (auto rebase on pull)
  • color.{ui} auto
  • core.excludesfile
  • diff.tool ?
  • merge.tool ?
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