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profile =
driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox, :profile => profile

Adding your comment from the Pivotal Blog here as reference material:

There's two ways to do what you want using WebDriver APIs:

  1. Use Profile#add_extension. This lets you programatically add an .xpi to the profile used by WebDriver. Here's an example:

  2. Use the same approach as above, but tell WebDriver explicitly that it should use the named profile as a template, i.e. if the profile was named "capybara":

Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox, :profile => "capybara"

Hooking this into Capybara should be simple using the new API to configure drivers:

jarib commented Nov 4, 2011

@eirc: That post has an "ignore this post" update at the top. The info about patching the XPI is pretty bad, since the same thing can be done by simply setting a preference:

profile['extensions.firebug.currentVersion'] = "9.99"
eirc commented Nov 4, 2011

Warning blindness has surely set in...!

Sorry for the miss-information and thanks for the info.

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