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@jaseywang jaseywang/buf mode
Created Mar 2, 2015

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different streams test, works on 3.5.0-generic, 4.6.3 gcc
#include "apue.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
void pr_stdio(const char *name, FILE *fp);
int main(void){
FILE *fp;
char c;
fputs("enter any character\n", stdout);
if((c = getchar()) == EOF)
err_sys("getchar err");
printf("charcter is %c", c);
fputs("one line to stardard error\n", stderr);
pr_stdio("stdin", stdin);
pr_stdio("stdout", stdout);
pr_stdio("stderr", stderr);
if ((fp = fopen("/etc/motd", "r")) == NULL)
err_sys("fopen err");
if (getc(fp) == EOF)
err_sys("getc error");
pr_stdio("/etc/motd", fp);
void pr_stdio(const char *name, FILE *fp){
printf("stream = %s, ", name);
if (fp -> _IO_file_flags & _IO_UNBUFFERED)
else if (fp -> _IO_file_flags & _IO_LINE_BUF)
printf("line buffered");
printf("fully buffered");
printf(", buffer size = %d\n",fp -> _IO_buf_end - _IO_buf_base);
printf(" ,buffer size=%d\n", fp -> _IO_file_flags & _IO_BUFSIZ);
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