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jasondavies / clpeak.txt
Created November 13, 2023 14:34
M3 Max clpeak
Platform: Apple
Device: Apple M3 Max
Driver version : 1.2 1.0 (Macintosh)
Compute units : 40
Clock frequency : 1000 MHz
Global memory bandwidth (GBPS)
float : 361.17
float2 : 380.13
I contributed to the Semaphore Trusted Setup Multi-Party Ceremony.
The following are my contribution signatures:
Circuit: semaphore16
Contributor # 69
Hash: b67179d2 d07fdec2 aab46b63 58741764
077f05ca b5171f9b c614ba26 7e20876d
065e2fde e3355c26 6f4f57b0 ec907e4e
58df82e0 993b3cb0 6ba33281 7f27de8b
jasondavies /
Created October 22, 2015 15:41
Keybase proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am jasondavies on github.
  • I am jasondavies ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 341D 39FF 0F5D 07C5 3BE7 9A5D BAE3 9383 18C9 0D61

To claim this, I am signing this object:

jasondavies /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:04 — forked from mbostock/.block
Wrapped d3.geo.tile
jasondavies /
Last active June 15, 2016 22:26 — forked from mbostock/.block
Rotated hexbin

A version of Mike Bostock’s hexbin example, modified to use hexagons rotated by 90°. Aside from rotating the hexagon primitives, the only other change is to swap the meaning of x and y, for all inputs and outputs of the plugin.

jasondavies / .gitignore
Last active August 29, 2015 14:04 — forked from mbostock/.block
Quantised States
jasondavies / index.html
Created June 12, 2014 18:35
Cocircular Voronoi
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
.voronoi {
fill-opacity: .5;
.delaunay {
jasondavies / index.html
Last active March 22, 2019 20:30
RequireJS and D3
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<style> body { font-family: sans-serif; } </style>
<script src="require.js"></script>
paths: {
d3: ""
jasondavies / csv-benchmark
Last active August 29, 2015 14:02
d3.csv benchmark
#!/usr/bin/env node
var d3 = require("./");
var csv = ["foo", "bar", "baz", "foobarbaz", "BLAHBLAH"].join(",") + "\n" +
d3.csv.formatRows(d3.range(10000).map(function() {
return d3.range(5).map(Math.random);
benchmark("Slow", function() { parseSlow(csv); });
jasondavies /
Last active October 29, 2018 11:08 — forked from monsieurBelbo/caba.json
Areas of Clipped Voronoi Regions

A demonstration of how to calculate the areas of Voronoi regions clipped by geographic features using D3.

[D3’s implementation](Sutherland–Hodgman algorithm) of the Sutherland–Hodgman algorithm only works for convex clip polygons, but we exploit the fact that Voronoi regions are guaranteed to be convex, and use each Voronoi region as a clip polygon, with the projected geographic boundary as a subject polygon.

In response to a question by Gonzalo Bellver.