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static VALUE
time_cmp(time1, time2)
VALUE time1, time2;
struct time_object *tobj1, *tobj2;
GetTimeval(time1, tobj1);
if (TYPE(time2) == T_DATA && RDATA(time2)->dfree == time_free) {
GetTimeval(time2, tobj2);
if (tobj1->tv.tv_sec == tobj2->tv.tv_sec)
if (tobj1->tv.tv_usec == tobj2->tv.tv_usec) return INT2FIX(0);
if (tobj1->tv.tv_usec > tobj2->tv.tv_usec) return INT2FIX(1);
return INT2FIX(-1);
if (tobj1->tv.tv_sec > tobj2->tv.tv_sec) return INT2FIX(1);
return INT2FIX(-1);
return Qnil;
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