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Chosen Styling -
package com.arcbees.chosenstyling.client.application.home;
// Some imports
public class HomeView extends ViewImpl implements HomePresenter.MyView {
// Some code
private static final ChosenDarkResources CHOSEN_RESOURCES_DARK = GWT.create(ChosenDarkResources.class);
@UiField(provided = true)
ChosenListBox singleChosenDark;
@UiField(provided = true)
MultipleChosenValueListBox<Choices> multipleValuesDark;
HomeView(Binder uiBinder) {
ChosenOptions chosenOptionsDark = new ChosenOptions();
// If your widget is a single Chosen widget
singleChosenDark = new ChosenListBox(chosenOptionsDark);
// Or if it's a multiple Chosen widget
multipleValuesDark = new MultipleChosenValueListBox<>(new ChoiceRenderer(), chosenOptionsDark);
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