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Last active Sep 10, 2022
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A quick word on OPSEC

A Quick word or two on OPSEC

  • You are only as secure as you make yourself
  • You are probably less secure than you think
  • shred is a decent way to treat sensitive files before they are deleted. Why don't you know this?
  • If you have passwords on YOUR local private machine, in plain text, why?
  • GPG is not hard to use, just an extra step.
  • You can put secrets anywhere in plain view, as long as they are sufficiently encrypted. (sufficient is always relative to "technology now" and "technology soon")
  • Treat your clipboard, homefolder, configs etc as already compromised spaces, don't keep secrets on them, you may as well have a post it stuck to your fridge, with your bank login.
  • 2FA is hard to circumvent... HARD, not impossible.
  • Clipboard managers, have clear history, ... do that, but also shred the backing store if you leak to the clipboard.
  • No email is not encypted, despite what that "expert on YouTube" said
  • Air gaps aren't secure.
  • SCIFs aren't secure, but they're more secure than you'll ever be.
  • Humans are leaky.

Night night, sleep tight.

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