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Include the minified version at the top of any of our .jsx script files and then you can include files from adobe_scripts/lib just by calling Libraries.include("subdir/myscript")
// Assumes that your script is somewhere within a folder called "adobe_scripts" and
// that you store your includable files relative to `adobe_scripts/lib/`
// indexOf polyfill from
[].indexOf||(Array.prototype.indexOf=function(a,b,c){for(c=this.length,b=(c+~~b)%c;b<c&&(!(b in this)||this[b]!==a);b++);return b^c?b:-1;});
var Libraries = (function (libPath) {
return {
include: function (path) {
if (!path.match(/\.jsx$/i)) {
path = path + ".jsx";
return $.evalFile(libPath + path);
})($.fileName.split("/").splice(0, $.fileName.split("/").indexOf("adobe_scripts") + 1).join("/") + "/lib/");
// Minified version, to include at the top of any .jsx script file
* Libraries.include(path) -- path must be relative to adobe_scripts/lib/
* See:
[].indexOf||(Array.prototype.indexOf=function(a,b,c){for(c=this.length,b=(c+~~b)%c;b<c&&(!(b in this)||this[b]!==a);b++);return b^c?b:-1;});
var Libraries=function(a){return{include:function(b){return b.match(/\.jsx$/i)||(b+=".jsx"),$.evalFile(a+b)}}}($.fileName.split("/").splice(0,$.fileName.split("/").indexOf("adobe_scripts")+1).join("/")+"/lib/");
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