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Last active Feb 7, 2018
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Is there any Ruby Command Line Parsing library out there that JUST DOES PARSING?
# The ones I've tried (almost all from
# OptParse -- Doesn't support commands
# Commander -- Everything is about procs
# Trollop -- Doesn't support commands
# GLI -- Relies on calling a proc
# Methadone -- See GLI
# Main -- Seems to require the use of a #run method or proc
# Thor -- Focused on running methods, resulting code very difficult to read
# CRI -- Requires #run method or proc (seeing a pattern here...)
# Optitron -- Very similar to Thor
# Clamp -- Framework, again requires #execute
# Escort -- Also a framework, expects a block to execute
# Executable -- Works with classes and does reflection
# CLI.K -- Everything is a lambda
# Slop -- Close, may need some redesign to get it to where I need it
# Mixlib-CLI -- It's most of the way there but works via polluting the namespace.
# Also, command support is based around the classes configured.
# So yeah the closest I've found is Slop. I'm working on improving it to support all
# of the cases I need but I think I've run into some design issues that will require
# a rewrite of quite a bit of it.
# Is there anything I've missed?
# What is with this fascination with calling procs anyway?
# I just want parsing, nothing else!
library = do
global_option "--verbose", "-v", "Set logging to verbose"
global_option "--log_to FILE", "-L FILE", "Log to a file"
command "one" do
option "--config FILE", "Specify a config file"
results = library.parse("--verbose -L logger.log one --config config.yml extra values")
# Global options
results[:verbose] == true
results[:log_to] == "logger.log"
# Command options are scoped
results[:config] == nil
results[:one][:config] == "config.yml"
# Anything that isn't directly matched is left alone for further use == %w(extra values)
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