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Code to decrypt obfuscated Google Smart Lock Passwords
# Adapted from gist
from Crypto.Cipher import AES, blockalgo
import base64
import os
# the block size for the cipher object; must be 16, 24, or 32 for AES
# one-liners to encrypt/encode and decrypt/decode a string
# encrypt with AES, encode with hex decoding
#EncodeAES = lambda c, s: base64.b64encode(c.encrypt(s))
DecodeAES = lambda c, e: c.decrypt(base64.b16decode(e))
# obfuscationKey hex value
obfuscationKey = "2BC6A699ED0DA918B4AA8F497440A307F835347BF7B135226548E7258D410090"
# data to decrypt
encryptedPassword = "5E6E7B6195675D7040ED5F9C54CEAD8E"
# create a cipher object using the obfuscationKey converted to binary
cipher =, blockalgo.MODE_ECB)
# decrypt
decryptedPassword = DecodeAES(cipher, encryptedPassword)
print 'Password: [', decryptedPassword.strip(), ']'
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