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Last active October 5, 2023 11:39
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Enabling HTML5 AppCache in Android Webview programatically.
private void enableHTML5AppCache() {
// Set cache size to 8 mb by default. should be more than enough
// This next one is crazy. It's the DEFAULT location for your app's cache
// But it didn't work for me without this line
webView.getSettings().setAppCachePath("/data/data/"+ getPackageName() +"/cache");
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Thanks a lot 😄

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Or you can simply:

File dir = getCacheDir();

if (!dir.exists()) {


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Does this work, even if the appCache is not set in the html5 app?

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sud007 commented Nov 6, 2015

doesn't make any difference for my usage. Still issues with HTML5 page load.

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pkhutal commented Nov 16, 2015

I am trying to call webpage in webview with feature that if user is already login it should redirect to website else on the login page.but this thing work fine on browser but not on webview .please suggest me for this.
Thank you.

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Enlac commented Dec 7, 2015

@salahzidi it's programming not magic, of course you need to set it on your HTML5 file, it just allows webview to support it

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You have to check for internet connectivity before telling to load from cache

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fabsk7 commented Aug 22, 2016

thanks!!! a lot!

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Did anybody found that the Application Cache path is not in the path which setted in setAppCachePath funciton("/data/data/"+ getPackageName() +"/cache"),but it was in data/data/packagename/app_webview/Application Cache on Kitkat?

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it works, thanks

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yale8848 commented Nov 3, 2017

appcache method will deprecated, you can look at this lib , hope help you

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Thanks, It solved my issue. I was trying to show angular component inside webview but It was not showing, after I get to know that Angular requires html5 support, adding this code help me to solve issue

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thank you brooooooo. thats fucking awesome

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It's good, but some apps or android versions can change this path. Then, use "getFilesDir()", instead of "data/data".

webView.getSettings().setAppCachePath(getFilesDir() + getPackageName() +"/cache");

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