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Ideas for Pune GDG hackathon

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Ideas for those who are looking for some.
1. Volley vs Universal Image Loader
Image caching is a big problem on Android. Both the above libraries can be used to solve the problem. Some of you might research
through the hackathon and come up with a really nice and detailed comparison of the above libraries in terms of response times of
the libraries, caching efficiency, API flexibility and easy of use etc. Maybe later you guys can write a blog post about it.
Also, this will also help you take a look into how a software is written professionally.
Volley Github:
UIL Github:
2. Android Drawable Explorer
You can develop something like but for all versions of Android.
Often we encounter a problem as to what icon should be assigned to a particular action when we develop an app, whether for mobile
or web. In case of Android, Android itself comes with plethora of icons right out of the box. Many a times the developer is not
aware of what all icons are present in the SDK itself. So that is another idea for a simple web app. You can explore more into the
Android SDK installed on your system for more icons. Maybe you can build it as Chrome installable app or something like that.

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