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Created Oct 20, 2021
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rushiabot's Privacy Policy

rushiabot's Privacy Policy

  • What Data do we collect?

    1. User ID's
  • Why do we need this data?

    1. We use user id's for database storage for commands like upload, skin, osu and more
  • How do we use the data?

    1. We store your user id to our database with keys like skinID, skinName, osuUsername and others
    2. Once you run a command that uses the database, it will use your user id to retrieve the key linked to your ID in order to get valid results.
  • Do we share your data (user id)?

    1. No, we don't share your user ID with anyone else
  • Ways to contact the owner

    1. You can contact the owner: BlacBrue#6960
    2. Or join the support server:
  • If we store data, how can users have that data removed?

    1. Contact BlacBrue#6960
    2. or join the support server:
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