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T 1398665062 18<diverdude> Im working on this site :)
T 1398665084 20<jcool>30 wow. all in cakephp? :)
T 1398665091 18<diverdude> yeah hehe
T 1398665095 18<diverdude> pure cake
T 1398665098 20<jcool>30 thats amazin
T 1398665115 18<diverdude> its my little baby hehe...i work on it in my sparetime
T 1398665136 20<jcool>30 thats damn amazin. how many years in cakephp development? :)
T 1398665178 18<diverdude> uhhm. well its difficult to say...i only work some evenings and some weekends...but started it in August
T 1398665190 20<jcool>30 thats good :)
T 1398665217 18<diverdude> do you llike it :)
T 1398665224 20<jcool>30 thats awesome.
T 1398665231 20<jcool>30 one of the best I have seen in cakephp ;)
T 1398665232 18<diverdude> cool :D
T 1398665237 18<diverdude> really?
T 1398665246 20<jcool>30 it looks amazin.
T 1398665247 20<jcool>30 :D
T 1398665250 20<jcool>30 yeah
T 1398665250 18<diverdude> i use twitter bootstrap in the frontend
T 1398665277 18<diverdude> thanks man :)
T 1398665291 20<jcool>30 I need to learn abt that.
T 1398665295 18<diverdude> and ofc. a lot of jquery stuff also
T 1398665296 20<jcool>30 what does that actually help with?
T 1398665301 20<jcool>30 Jquery yeah :)
T 1398665312 18<diverdude> what twitter bootstrap helps with?
T 1398665320 20<jcool>30 yeah. I have never used it.
T 1398665321 18<diverdude> or the site?
T 1398665327 20<jcool>30 twitter.
T 1398665345 18<diverdude> ah, TB is a totally awesome CSS framework. So it makes it way faster to build good looking sites
T 1398665369 18<diverdude> its basically a predefined gridsystem which takes a lot of the css headaches away
T 1398665398 20<jcool>30 I must see that. because I hate cakephp's css
T 1398665400 18<diverdude> and its quite crossbrowser compatible (although IE still have problems unfortunately)
T 1398665402 20<jcool>30 long boxes and all.
T 1398665408 20<jcool>30 IE hate that.
T 1398665414 18<diverdude> yes. i dont use cakephp css at all
T 1398665427 20<jcool>30 thats amazin :D
T 1398665427 18<diverdude> i only use the backend part of cakephp
T 1398665440 20<jcool>30 and how do we integrate that in cakephp?
T 1398665447 18<diverdude> and also html and formhelper i use combined with TB
T 1398665450 20<jcool>30 as in just make a css file and link it.
T 1398665458 18<diverdude> sure
T 1398665470 18<diverdude> and in the formhelper you set the TB classes needed
T 1398665502 20<jcool>30 any good link you can redirect me too to get that learnt?
T 1398665539 18<diverdude> hmmm not really. I basically got it from the cakephp cookbook and the TB pages
T 1398665570 18<diverdude> oh yes and i use twig as templating system
T 1398665587 20<jcool>30 hehe so many new things. what does twig does?
T 1398665680 18<diverdude>
T 1398665683 20<jcool>30 I have never used so many things in my system. I am still a college lad :p
T 1398665771 20<jcool>30 ah I know this.
T 1398665783 18<diverdude> yeah its neat..and integrates perfectly with cake
T 1398665814 20<jcool>30 so you have done all this manually or you use plugin for same?
T 1398665847 18<diverdude> well i use this plugin for the integration:
T 1398665862 20<jcool>30 yes I just saw that for twig.
T 1398665875 20<jcool>30 thats amazin :D
T 1398665883 18<diverdude> but now i see that a new plugin has appeared : maybe that one is better - i have not tried it
T 1398665893 20<jcool>30 you made me learnt so many new things :D
T 1398665968 20<jcool>30 learn*
T 1398666074 18<diverdude> great :)
T 1398666084 18<diverdude> Thats what this forum is good for :)
T 1398666090 20<jcool>30 yeah :)
T 1398666104 20<jcool>30 have you made source code for same public? I mean on github or something?
T 1398666148 18<diverdude> well i have not got around to make any public plugins actually...i have my source code stored in a private git repository
T 1398666162 20<jcool>30 ah
T 1398666198 20<jcool>30 Its only 2 month since I started learning cakephp. Now its going great. :)
T 1398666226 18<diverdude> cool :) how old are you?
T 1398666227 20<jcool>30 At start it was a tough one to crack but it gradually became easy to deal. 
T 1398666236 20<jcool>30 I am 21. what about you?
T 1398666244 18<diverdude> im 32 :)
T 1398666251 20<jcool>30 :)
T 1398666269 20<jcool>30 work for a company or startup? 
T 1398666282 18<diverdude> its my startup....but i do it sparetime
T 1398666292 18<diverdude> i dont normally work with cakephp
T 1398666297 20<jcool>30 that's great ;) 
T 1398666308 18<diverdude> i work with python usually and C/C++ and R
T 1398666317 20<jcool>30 ah python.
T 1398666328 20<jcool>30 C and C++ :/ hehe I never touch them.
T 1398666337 20<jcool>30 python is good to learn though.
T 1398666345 20<jcool>30 R? what is that./
T 1398666349 18<diverdude> its good to learn everything :)
T 1398666359 18<diverdude> R is statistical programming language
T 1398666371 20<jcool>30 yeah agreed. I know basic python, php , Java , C and android.
T 1398666380 20<jcool>30 But developement I do is in php mostly.
T 1398666391 20<jcool>30 I plan to learn a new lang called GO.
T 1398666404 18<diverdude> yes learn that. its supposed to be really good
T 1398666411 20<jcool>30 yeah
T 1398666496 20<jcool>30 In few mins I have got a meeting with my Moodle mentor.
T 1398666503 20<jcool>30 I need to get prepared for that.
T 1398666543 20<jcool>30 It was great talking to you. :) have a good day!
T 1398666676 18<diverdude> Moodle mentor?
T 1398666682 18<diverdude> Ok :) have a good one - nice talking to you
T 1398666682 20<jcool>30 Yeah
T 1398666701 20<jcool>30 I have got a 3 month internship at Moodle as a part of Google Summer of Code.
T 1398666721 20<jcool>30 I will be developing an add on for Moodle for which I will get paid 5500 USD
T 1398666723 18<diverdude> oh nice...Moodle, what is that?
T 1398666745 20<jcool>30
T 1398666754 20<jcool>30
T 1398666774 20<jcool>30 It's an e-learning system. LMS>
T 1398666780 20<jcool>30 Like blackboard.
T 1398666783 18<diverdude> ah ok
T 1398666786 18<diverdude> nice
T 1398666786 20<jcool>30 But advanced one.
T 1398666801 20<jcool>30 :)
T 1398666810 18<diverdude> of course :)
T 1398666821 20<jcool>30 where do you live?
T 1398666984 18<diverdude> Denmark.
T 1398666991 18<diverdude> Well actually norway now
T 1398666997 18<diverdude> how about you?
T 1398667010 20<jcool>30 wow. I am from India.
T 1398667021 18<diverdude> nice :)
T 1398667030 20<jcool>30 :)
T 1398667041 18<diverdude> well, welcome to the cakephp community
T 1398667055 20<jcool>30 thanks ;)
T 1398667668 24* diverdude has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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