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Review MeetUp API documentation
Does this API require authentication?: Yes
Does this API support CORS?: Yes
Find the events search endpoint documentation. Describe in detail the response format of the events search endpoint.
(HINT: You may need other keywords to find this endpoint.):
The current version of the API, v3, serializes all responses as JSON.
Relevant metadata is encoded has HTTP headers with the response.
Paginating information of collection-oriented data is provided via Link headers.
Link types will be annotated with a "rel" attribute.
$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" -i ""
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Link: <>; rel="next"
X-Total-Count: 10171
Some fields of response objects may not contain values, either based on privacy or availability.
In these cases, the Meetup API will omit these fields rather than serializing them with null values.
The same holds true in cases where you wish to filter fields as noted
What are the limitations placed on the number of requests that can be made?:
The Meetup API aims to provide consistent responsiveness and equal quality of service for all its consumers.
In order to do so, we limit the frequency at which the API will produce successful responses to a single client.
You can know your current rate limit status by reading X-RateLimit HTTP headers included in responses.
List the errors that you can expect when making calls to this API.:
400 Bad request when there was a problem with the request
401 Unauthorized when you don't provide a valid token
429 Too Many Requests when you've gone over your request rate limit
500 Internal Server Error an unexpected error occured on our servers
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