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public ActionResult Comment(CommentInput input, int id, Guid key)
var post = RavenSession
.Include<Post>(x => x.CommentsId)
if (post == null || post.IsPublicPost(key) == false)
return HttpNotFound();
var comments = RavenSession.Load<PostComments>(post.CommentsId);
if (comments == null)
return HttpNotFound();
var commenter = RavenSession.GetCommenter(input.CommenterKey);
if (commenter == null)
input.CommenterKey = Guid.NewGuid();
ValidateCommentsAllowed(post, comments);
ValidateCaptcha(input, commenter);
if (ModelState.IsValid == false)
return PostingCommentFailed(post, input, key);
TaskExecutor.ExcuteLater(new AddCommentTask(input, Request.MapTo<AddCommentTask.RequestValues>(), id));
CommenterUtil.SetCommenterCookie(Response, input.CommenterKey.MapTo<string>());
return PostingCommentSucceeded(post, input);
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