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  1. Download latest Miniconda for Python 2.7
  1. Open terminal

  2. Change to download folder location

$ cd Downloads

You can confirm you are in the correct location by running the ls command to list files.

  1. Set install script to executable
$ chmod +x
  1. Run miniconda install
$ ./
  1. Accept license agreement (to exit license agreement viewer, press q when you see the bottom line starting with :)

  2. Confirm default install location (enter)

  3. Confirm adding the miniconda install location to PATH (yes, which should be default)

  4. Close current terminal window and open a new one to load the new install

  5. Install needed conda packages

$ conda install [package]

$ conda install pil

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bulbuntu commented Apr 5, 2018

Is it OK to install miniconda in the users home directory, that is what it defaults to.

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