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Bash function for switching asdf postgres versions and stopping/starting servers
function switch_pg {
local version_to_run=$1
local currently_running_version=$(psql --no-psqlrc -t -c 'show server_version;' postgres | xargs)
# check if you're erroneously switching to the same version
if [ "$version_to_run" = "$currently_running_version" ]; then
echo "Postgres $version_to_run is already running."
return 1
echo Switching from $currently_running_version to $version_to_run
# stop the currently running postgres server
$HOME/.asdf/installs/postgres/$currently_running_version/bin/pg_ctl \
-D $HOME/.asdf/installs/postgres/$currently_running_version/data \
# start the server to be started
$HOME/.asdf/installs/postgres/$version_to_run/bin/pg_ctl \
-D $HOME/.asdf/installs/postgres/$version_to_run/data \
# switch the global asdf version, this ensures that `psql` is shimmed to the right version-directory
asdf global postgres $version_to_run
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jbranchaud commented Jan 15, 2021

You run it like so, assuming you have a couple different postgres versions installed with asdf:

$ asdf list postgres

$ postgres -V
postgres (PostgreSQL) 12.3

$ switch_pg 13.1
Switching from 13.1 to 12.3
server stopped
server started

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