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Subject: [HEADS-UP] mismatched nightly will cause build failure after 12517
Hi folks,
As shown in our official documentation, the copy of the "nightly" and
"bldenv" scripts inside the source tree should be used for builds. If
you are already doing that, and are not using the "nightly" or "bldenv"
shipped in a package under "/opt/onbld/bin" on your build system, you
can skip this one.
~ ~ ~ ~
As described in 12687, using "nightly" from the build system instead of
from the repository presents some challenges. In this case, the
integration of 12517 changed the value for "mcs -p" comments in binaries
to include the "illumos" name. Older versions of "nightly" had a
different hard-coded string there, so if you use a mismatched version
you will hit errors during the "check_rtime" phase of the build; e.g.,
bin/id: non-conforming mcs(1) comment <no $(POST_PROCESS)?>
bin/uptime: non-conforming mcs(1) comment <no $(POST_PROCESS)?>
The fix for this is to always use the in-gate version of "nightly" and
"bldenv" instead of the build machine version. As of 11224, the scripts
are directly executable in place in the gate. Our official build
documentation has directed new devlopers to use the gate versions for
some time:
It's completely understandable that seasoned contributors aren't staying
on top of changes to this documentation, though, so I've also filed a
bug to stop shipping "nightly" and "bldenv" altogether:
12687 shipping nightly and bldenv is a recipe for flag days
This should allow us to avoid future flag days like this one. We
apologise for the inconvenience.
See Also:
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