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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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public IEnumerable<PrivateProfileNotification> GetAll()
return Db.Query<PrivateProfileNotification, Job, Recruiter, Member, ThirdPartyResume, PrivateProfileNotification>("[jobs].[spu_Third_Party_Recruiter_Notification_List]",
(n, j, r, m, t) =>
n.JobId = j.JobId;
n.RecruiterId = r.RecruiterId;
n.CandidateId = t.CandidateId;
n.Job = j;
n.Recruiter = r;
n.Recruiter.Member = m;
n.Candidate = t;
return n;
splitOn: "job_id,recruiter_id,Member_Id,Third_Party_Id");
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