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wraps IMDB class data function to provide fully complaint json
# JSON IMDbPY class wrapper
# Goal: wraps IMDB class data function to provide fully complaint json
# author: james , rubino <at> gmail , com
# note: contains wrapper and randomized test cases
from random import randint as r
import json
import imdb
ia = imdb.IMDb()
movie = ia.get_movie(r(1,2300000))
company = ia.get_company(r(1,2756))
person = ia.get_person(r(1,4116000))
def identify(DataObj):
idoc = {}
if type(DataObj) == imdb.Person.Person:
tag = 'nm'
if type(DataObj) == imdb.Movie.Movie:
tag = 'tt'
if type(DataObj) == imdb.Company.Company:
tag = 'co'
ID = DataObj.getID()
idoc['_id'] = tag+ID
idoc['id_'] = ID
return idoc
def convert(DataObj):
document = {}
classes = (
imdb.Company.Company )
for key in DataObj.keys():
if type(DataObj[key]) is list:
values = DataObj[key]
if len(values) == 0:
sample = values[0]
if type(sample) in classes:
val = map(lambda x:, values)
for x in val:
n = val.index(x)
document[key] = val
if len(values) is 1 and type(values[0]) not in classes:
document[key] = values[0]
if len(values) is 1 and type(values[0]) in classes:
data = values[0].data
document[key] = [data]
if type(sample) in (unicode, str):
document[key] = DataObj[key]
#print key
document[key] = DataObj[key]
return document
print "Test Person Conversion"
pk = person.keys()
print "Keys in Person Object:\t", len(pk)
pc = convert(person)
print "Keys in Converted Object:\t", len(pk)
print set(pk) - set(pc.keys())
print "\n"*2
print "Test Company Conversion"
ck = company.keys()
print "Keys in Company Object:\t", len(ck)
cc = convert(company)
print "Keys in Converted Object:t\t", len(cc.keys())
print set(ck) - set(cc.keys())
print "\n"*2
print "Test Movie Conversion: "
mk = movie.keys()
print "Keys in Movie Object:\t", len(mk)
mc = convert(movie)
print "Keys in Converted Object:\t", len(mc.keys())
print set(mk) - set(mc.keys())
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