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Last active Nov 10, 2017
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MiSTer FPGA project resource use

MiSTer Resources

Core B-RAM SDRAM DDR3 Video 2nd SD ALMs
a-pacman 29K - - ? no 3K
ao486 270K - 256M 640x480 no 31K
apple-ii 236K - - ? no 5K
c64 106K - - ? no 5K
fpgagen 120K - - ? no 9K
macplus 33K 4096K - 512x342 no 5K
ql 248K 1024K - ? yes 4K
vector-06c 349K - - ? no 6K
x68000 171K - - ? yes 13K
zxspectrum 200K 1024K - ? no 7K

Sizes are for the "lite" (non-scaler) builds.

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