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John Santiago Jr. jdsantiagojr

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// Restify Server CheatSheet.
// More about the API:
// Install restify with npm install restify
// 1.1. Creating a Server.
var restify = require('restify');
jdsantiagojr /
Created Dec 25, 2016 — forked from benbalter/
Example of how to embed a Gist on GitHub Pages using Jekyll.

Here's an example of how to embed a Gist on GitHub Pages:

{% gist 5555251 %}

All you need to do is copy and paste the Gist's ID from the URL (here 5555251), and add it to a gist tag surrounded by {% and %}.

git push origin --delete <branch_name>
git branch -d <branch_name>
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p {
width: 200px;
border: 1px solid;
padding: 2px 5px;
/* Required for text-overflow */
white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;
class Map(dict):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
for arg in args:
if isinstance(arg, dict):
for k, v in arg.items():
self[k] = v
def __getattr__(self, item):
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"prefixes": {
"Ms": "Ms",
"Miss": "Miss",
"Mrs": "Mrs",
"Mr": "Mr",
"Master": "Master",
"Rev": "Reverend",
"Fr": "Farther",
"Dr": "Doctor",
jdsantiagojr / Makefile
Last active Nov 22, 2016
Makefile generated by WinAVR
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# Hey Emacs, this is a -*- makefile -*-
# WinAVR Makefile Template written by Eric B. Weddington, Jˆrg Wunsch, et al.
# Released to the Public Domain
# Additional material for this makefile was written by:
# Peter Fleury
# Tim Henigan
# Colin O'Flynn
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