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Last active August 7, 2021 18:49
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Script for creating pooled Chia plots; tested with Chia v1.2.3
This script has been tested with Chia version 1.2.3
Chia must be running and synced in order to execute this script,
otherwise the "chia.exe plotnft show" command will fail.
Begin user-defined values.
$PlotterDrive = "E"
$QueueNumber = "1"
$PlotDestination = "D:\Staging"
$MemoryBuffer = 3390
$ThreadsAllocated = 4
$SecondsToSleep = 3600 * 0
End user-defined values.
$ChiaDaemonPath = "$env:USERPROFILE\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-*\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon"
Write-Output "Chia Daemon Path: $ChiaDaemonPath"
try {
& $ChiaDaemonPath\chia.exe > $null
} catch {
Write-Output "`nERROR! The following error occurred when attempting to call Chia:`n"
Write-Output $_
Write-Output "`nHINT: Is Chia properly installed on this machine?"
$ChiaVersion = & $ChiaDaemonPath\chia.exe version
Write-Output "Chia version: $ChiaVersion"
$KeysInfo = & $ChiaDaemonPath\chia.exe keys show
foreach ($Line in $KeysInfo) {
if ($Line.StartsWith("Farmer public key")) {
$FarmerPublicKeyLineSplit = $Line -Split ":"
$FarmerPublicKey = $FarmerPublicKeyLineSplit[1].Trim()
Write-Output "Farmer public key: $FarmerPublicKey"
$PlotNftInfo = & $ChiaDaemonPath\chia.exe plotnft show
foreach ($Line in $PlotNftInfo) {
if ($Line.StartsWith("Pool contract address")) {
$PoolContractAddressLineSplit = $Line -Split ":"
$PoolContractAddress = $PoolContractAddressLineSplit[1].Trim()
Write-Output "Pool contract address: $PoolContractAddress"
if([string]::IsNullOrEmpty($FarmerPublicKey)) {
Write-Output "`nERROR! Cannot find the farmer key which is required to begin plotting.`n"
Write-Output "HINT: Have you created or imported a private seed phrase yet?"
if([string]::IsNullOrEmpty($PoolContractAddress)) {
Write-Output "`nERROR! Cannot find pool contract address information.`n"
Write-Output "HINT: Have you created (or synced with?) a pool NFT yet?"
k-size, number of plots, and buckets values should be changed only by advanced users!
$KSize = 33
$NumberOfPlots = 1
$Buckets = 128
$TempPath = "${PlotterDrive}:\ChiaPlotTemp\$QueueNumber"
Write-Output "Sleeping for $SecondsToSleep seconds before beginning..."
Start-Sleep -Seconds $SecondsToSleep
Plot creation command is below, set to run in an infinite loop.
while ($true) {
Get-ChildItem -Path $TempPath -Include *.* -File -Recurse | ForEach-Object { $_.Delete()}
Write-Output "`nBeginning plot creation with the following parameters:`n"
Write-Output "k-size: $KSize"
Write-Output "Number of plots: $NumberOfPlots"
Write-Output "Memory buffer (MiB): $MemoryBuffer"
Write-Output "Farmer public key: $FarmerPublicKey"
Write-Output "Pool contract address: $PoolContractAddress"
Write-Output "Temp plot path: $TempPath"
Write-Output "Plot destination path: $PlotDestination"
Write-Output "Thread allocated: $ThreadsAllocated"
Write-Output "Buckets: $Buckets"
Write-Output "`nChia plot creation command output below...`n"
& $ChiaDaemonPath\chia.exe plots create `
-f $FarmerPublicKey `
-c $PoolContractAddress `
-t $TempPath `
-d $PlotDestination `
-k $KSize `
-n $NumberOfPlots `
-b $MemoryBuffer `
-r $ThreadsAllocated `
-u $Buckets
Write-Output "`nPooling Plot created and copied to $PlotDestination.`n"
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