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cheerio > jsdom for now
nodeio = require ''
fs = require 'fs'
start = require './ids/american-wing.json'
_arrify = (str) -> str.split /\r\n/
_remove_nums = (arr) -> str.replace(/\([0-9,]+\)|:/, '').trim() for str in arr
_remove_null = (arr) -> arr.filter (e) -> e.length
_flatten = (arr) -> if arr?.length is 1 then arr[0] else arr
_process = (str) -> _flatten _remove_null _remove_nums _arrify str
_trim = (arr) -> str.trim() for str in arr
class ParseObjects extends nodeio.JobClass
queue: start
init: ->
fs.readdir './ids/', (err, files) =>
@exit err if err?
for file in files
@queue.push require "./ids/#{file}" if file isnt 'american-wing.json'
input: (start,num,callback) ->
return false if start > @queue.length
return @queue[start...@length] if start+num-1 > @queue.length
run: (id) ->
base = ''
delete object
object = {}
@getHtml base+id, (err, $) =>
@retry() if err?
object['id'] = +id
object['gallery-id'] = +$('.gallery-id a').text().match(/[0-9]+/g)?[0] or null
object['image'] = _flatten $('a[name="art-object-fullscreen"] > img')?.attr('src')?.match /(^http.*)/g
object['related-artworks'] = (+($(a).attr('href').match(/[0-9]+/g)[0]) for a in $('.related-content-container .object-info a'))
# add any definition lists as properties
object[_process $($('dt')[i]).text()] = _process $(v).text() for v,i in $('dd')
# add description and provenance
$('.promo-accordion > li').each (i, e) ->
category = _process $(e).find('.category').text()
content = $(e).find('.accordion-inner > p').text().trim()
switch category
when 'Description' then object[category] = content
when 'Provenance' then object[category] = _trim _remove_null content.split(';')
@emit id: id, object: object
output: (rows) ->
for row in rows
fs.writeFileSync "objects/#{}.json", JSON.stringify row.object, null, 2
@job = new ParseObjects jsdom: true, max: 10
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