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SRT File From "Computers Are People, Too!" (1982)
Timestamp information has been removed for
continuity. Hear the text-to-speech here:
homes 63
slimy your texts
lights posts degrees
46 to I
never get this right like the truck
double in the third
guys winning
3.25 321 computers
they're everywhere there's no escaping
the matter who you are
look at me Elaine Joyce actress singer
and dancer
an entertainer I've worked all my life
to hold this spot right here
center stage just when everything
started to click
am I about to be replaced along with
every other
musician artist by these machine ceased
computers delaying you must remember
computers are people too you the
home year
page you exceed your caloric intake for
the day
you back again is Arjun 300 eleven
class an electronic epidemic is
overtaken us
in less than half a century just like
the great playing
here's the computer at the future
telecommunications operative memory
Tom short a computer that talks to you
and lets you read his mind weird
extension of a person's intelligence
we teach when used by teachers were
artistic when used by
artists if you're an entertaining so are
we if you're an entertainer
I'm out of a job not soon we are on the
verge of a beautiful partnership
put artists like you learn to use
past I have amazed even myself
week innovate dancers at athletes to new
week I V artist whose work out shine
painted canvas
with musicians was people which there
was a world of sound we have a little
we can make him a bigger dog or we can
make it a pack of dogs
group Champlain yet
with the creators have teams
with the makers of movies that stir the
and gliders that sales at the store
hi more days than amazed tissue
posing a partnership well how can I work
with you
when I have no idea how you think thank
sorry ask see loans UK
run on forever if you let them how do we
ask a dozen experts you get a dozen
has a computer saying how you can answer
that question that's almost
boy and not prepared for that one shot
essentially do three different things
for you
three different things
for No no they don't sorry computers
thinkin about the same way that our
forests are a car
using computers don't think computers
only have the ability to compile
and by compiling the information and
certain forms give the illusion that the
these people don't know how you think
and who is in control
seems a hundred times in movies people
put their trust in computers in the
current things go crazy
slide only me
science fiction the fashions you're in
you don't have to know how an engine
works to drive a car I can hit the
I'd rather walk attitudes like he was a
look at the splash young making
people's over half the high school to
the united states have some
typeof computer 25 1985 will be in to
million american hold these children
attend the summer camp near Santa
Barbara Calif
for their activities include several
hours of confusing instructions
I had a little recreational computing
at night to do
the fun drive commuted cam innocently
first with us when he was 13
the camper rhymes knowing absolutely
nothing about computers when he gets
within the two-week city spends here he
will come out with a working knowledge
of the basic
language as well as just an
understanding how computers work and how
to go about
learning how they work they can't learn
obviously in two weeks
everything about how a computer operates
but if they can learn
Falcon conglomerates are all set so they
learn how to
me the instruction manuals how to
approach a new computer system when they
see it
how to approach a programming can ask
from that point on the corner near
with much less assistance and and quite
a bit on their own
50 over half the children here have
never worked with us before
putting catch on quickly this class is
learning to design
images on a video screen the instructor
mark stengel
is the Los Angeles Junior Chess Champion
he's fourteen years old
okay you slot
Epps why
that you a quote boy what's happening
now more mourners were finding a
and a change where the computer is
expected to interact with humans
so that means that the computer can talk
the for to the
band use me problem
it will be able to within the next
decade at least
converse with us and understand what
we're trying to say now love to the
switch that the graphic see
yeah a lot of funny things will be able
to use a lot of graphics to
visually display what it's trying to
explain to us rather than just print out
so you'll find more and more interaction
between me and the computer
at the same level as you can rack with
another person during this
the last few decades we've basically
a manufacturing base society the imports
have been
oil and
and human labor but basically what we're
doing is transitioning into one where
information is now the key and the human
well that can happen without educating
the people
this is why it's absolutely important
now fit
children between the ages of about six
in eighteen
be exposed and work with computers so
that they will understand
how to apply this to the problems that
they will encounter
in their lifetimes holistic for simply
graphics new sitcom he writes
classes tried to use nenu
money that's it program
so what we're trying to do here is given
good introduction to computers when
they're young when
its easy for them to learn just like
learning and a foreign language is
something that they can pick up very
to meet few here in this match in school
is like Matthews and becomes natural to
so that as they grow up and they
interact with their environment
the computer will be a tall that they'll
be able to use don't have a at
in easy interaction with with computers
for the rest life
drawing by typing you waited too long
not so new we've been friends with
orders for years
in nineteen sixty Lee Harrison began
experimenting with computerized
in one take heed dancers were wired to
was like puppets
Fred Astaire
it's not
hallowed Star Trek
people my name is row
I am a silicon Ian you know my upkeep is
very modest
UCI radio waves
to choose with you in the open
is on it and lead
we got lips activated by the sound of a
extension ladders which you can make
just about as long as you need
really guy come in for a demonstration
oh yeah baby just make sure you come in
when I'm here
up keep
in a little over two decades computer
artists a program to kaleidoscope
we construct a solid we computers
perform mathematical plastic surgery
we first memorize the structure in three
dimensions then we add color to the
in tiny points of light called pixels
one image may contain over twenty
million to these pixels
the finishing touch is smoothing the
angles to simulate the texture of human
this joker is among the most complex
characters we've ever had to be
gene sperling the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory is a pioneer computer artist
before Voyager 2 arrived he show to
center his views viewers
left you will be the best ones available
for years
computer graphics is basically meeting
various computers and I can replace
but they will give you very very same
very have a two-year uses an outlet to
your own human creativity
you don't have to have an artist
somebody with some skills and creativity
telling the computer what to do there is
certainly different techniques to make
images with computers
for simplicity is Jess line drawings
their computers mimicking
the motion invade Canada cabbie a more
advanced search
have imagery is by taking three
objects a image in this era is very much
like an instrument for painting
engineers builders for their purposes
but the possibilities when the bus
computers a you institutions to the
artist repertoire
say anything
with the senior is one of the founding
fathers have computer aren't in 1957
he converted anti-aircraft gun computer
feed an old beau
grandma's I said he converted an
anti-aircraft gun computer into a
graphics machine
I started out as a fan an abstract
and by the mid fifties ivers casting
because I wasn't satisfied with any
animation techniques that I've been
using even though I've been using quite
a number
over rather sophisticated ones have
again realize I was looking for a design
and so I began to think that maybe I
could invent it
naive way of looking at it but at any
rate I in with hindsight
realize that I was trying to use a
computer for graphics
da Vinci for example and the first idea
that music
and collars had some sort of the
relationship that there could be a pink
the color musical
and some
artists use computers to synthesize
abstract video images
movie you me
the moon
the you
home here
quo the yo
computer arms
visions them
the E
nidal don't even self mommy
radio families she's not idk idk
past-life music doesn't exactly when the
takedown today's computers to board just
carry a tune
the fairly computer music instrument
transformers sounded two numbers
and stores them it's Mike by rearranging
the members
the feel like for you to scold Richard
Wilson after smashing a glass and
recording it
we can now modify that sound to create
no effects
here's the original sound and now
by introducing a loop we can create the
sound of
factories for instance called
fellow hello hello
blue Gary Chang has a synthetic sound to
his own voice
below blue poppy here love the sound is
what I've just rhyme
and you'll be able to see the sound next
he plans the two sounds together
low 0 yo
so now we'll have the electronic sound
fading into the backwards hello
the the Fairlight can be used to make
sounds see a bull
me this is the sound I just made you
0 and this is what it looks like
you 0
the most exciting thing about the
computer for me is that
with artists and creative people
delving into digital art
K we have now merged all OVR
creative ideas into one common language
which is numbers do you
yet you know I'm
check the border artist Greg Finley
gains team up on a song
begin by programming the sounds of
different instruments into the keyboard
0 are located
the music is played in store the
computer's memory one
track at the time here range of sounds
provided by the instrument
makes break up virtual one-man back be
be the first track
which is the instruments bass guitar
electric piano to
be be to
be 0
next we laid down a percussion track
tired snared
you might Champlain Valley yet
be finally
Jana writer akoto instructor provided us
Korea also
to complete its own contains six
instruments all playing at the same time
in all performed by Greg
Jeep Michael ice
the key revised music has an electronic
orchestrate his fingertips
play mixing sounds have many instruments
at once
iceberg showers his audience with a
symphony of science
you see human performance at the
University of Northern Colorado
sanctions dispersion
through seven synthesizers drum hun or
an electric kettle a twenty two channel
mixer had other electronic components
all linked pirate discs live 2254
iceberg conducts a clinic on the
intricacies of his instrument
to a carnival-like atmosphere coming
over his place
this machine is all my favorite keyboard
except 3 grand piano and the way I'm
accomplishing this
is by having several sermons connected
to each of these three keyboard
and and what a nice perk machine is
incidently my machine is just
my own way love getting all these
instruments interface together so I can
actually play something like I have a
I could put a slowdown once your serbs
Sunday and I'm saying face with my left
foot incidence
estimates net
and for those musicians who say hey wait
a minute
if you have a instrument thank you to
all these things I want you
be out of a job hours away vs not true
because I can't say that Israel like a
suit where would I have to play it as it
is already been recorded
is for the son of a keyboard player
really is just preposterous for
have girl singers to and what we did
with with a girl singers we have
people see on this keyboard her bottom
note was the sea
up high snow was the same
leaving several notes blank and I just
hardly stand that so I had to put other
things in there and I found
pigs tiny and
Kyle and training
and women which is why I have to be very
careful when I'm playing because I could
and I can play first since violence
go out of bounds
and this
maybe you can hold centerstage
you're very good times
touching on everything I need
shoot it to your wall socket thing for
sheesh world
and a few preparations off by ninety
Starcher per wiki the effectively more
even computers can appreciate the beauty
of human movement
possible thus make music from things not
others see what is usually une seule
Gideon aerial use us to study the booth
with two facets
because we see things his eyes can based
on his research
he has developed feelings about you
human movement can be divided into
a wide spectrum of activities on one
you can take the explosive events such
sis printing joined a shot showing the
job going
you have to do something really quick
fast and efficient on the other hand
over the spectral you have yes that the
like the dunce you don't try hinge on
the highest
for John the farmers but you want to try
to 48 illusion
for various bikini uses the to your
muscles just like you
in the middle you other movements such
as swimming
slimming is when you start the 50-50 but
it's a continuous activity it's not
explosive but is not necessarily in a
on the other hand you have a.m. falls in
15 games like combustible Novosti volume
jumping in rebounding Folge I'm sure if
you think driving for example now you
anymore call that a stick you have to be
a somewhat explosive when you flush
against this
the screen but in the air you are the
you try to create the motion flow you
if you take for example the if you just
take again %um you almost with dining is
getting closer to the bouncy the
interesting thing that for all these
activities that they mention whether
it's a boxing go ice skating whether
it's a done single figure skating
the principle of gravity is exactly the
for the first time aerial appliances
theories to study is to
dancers rebuttable be like Donald Byrd
instructors at the California Institute
of the Arts are given a computer
so it will be interesting to you the
when she's yeah
so from here
for more
yeah keep going
per Steve Lawson d the Cal Arts School
of Dance observes
10 digitize it
name-calling everytime I touch it
information going right to the computer
too late or not we'll be able to
reconstruct the which we see on the
computer will see
frame by frame that's cool when my
friend and then we can construct the
whole movement
in late or if you want to loans want to
do even doesn't have to be here
look to the computer on making
the group it's as an audience to see the
you see polls
going through the
them soon
each dancer center of gravity is
calculated and identified by a small tub
few then
see the central gorazde
that's right in the middle of the body
to computer indicates a floor
Republicans take off
and Ariel tells us how she went through
my the way we see she's not stopping
with the way
she's going
she will stop the wrong
lift-off yes
mystery of the dancers center of gravity
an illusion subtitles
strolls able to jail he's
you need to come down to hold
to let me season that's really what
happened for this
after we left the ground
he did something with his body saying
that we would like to find out more
we create this kind of unusual things
going for it
hi star the standings and on Sat
let's talk more
not proven a movable frame continue to
do it
you start going down by the new Asian
guys going out
and you do make sure focus while he's
going down
that's the news in the history of yeah
the end with electronic ballet
little bit slow also see the slow motion
and then you can to find themselves six
months into the relationship with the
group for each other
lawful Korea yes
burial pronounces himself downright
pleased with the experiment
you should change my profession Yahoo
no I should change mine his
been reduced to diagrams and numbers
for all those years this wedding
just strange
to me
shrunk to the size of a mic which we
you've missed the most important point
here powers with
told you understand free computers could
never replace
week for your collaborators and eat your
heart your creativity
fish too much to learn only the young
people really understand you
me understand with computers extend the
possibilities for the blind to the high
video games are there with which to call
people see in video games a world where
anything that could be the kitchen re
for the first time
the computers at the used to create a
fantasy world for the motion picture
try for mine between imagination and we
have a V
disappears the other way to redirect
Stephen whispered the
everyone misses in that computer
whether it's because more drivers
license or social security or income tax
but the fact is that
there is a and alternate person that is
an electrical for sin
that is forming inside this electrical
to mention
and then the question is are you in
control that information
or somebody else in control when
thinking about trying to sort of have to
picture yourself inside a pac-man game
picture yourself in there
fighting for your own life and the only
way you can
get out at that game is a few figure out
how it works from the inside this time
the big difference is the game doesn't
look the way it looks to you from this
world as a little screen
this time it looks real
he said K s-tronic fights for the users
ass what happens in Tron is that
the character Jeff Bridges plays guy
named Flynn
has invented these various video games
and they've been taken away from this
to legally buy by a large computer
I still do not understand why you wanna
break into the system because man
somewhere in one of these
memories use the evidence and in it
to release the information from their
computer files
he takes on their computer system and in
so doing
he gets pulled into the computer
one season that computer you
you get sentenced to die as a as a video
game player
by the master control programs
tickets gives funds complex music
students no if
knowledge muscle control yeah
the irony is that those video games are
or his creation and now his life depends
on overcoming you know his own creation
partisan is
Richard Taylor is a coup supervisor of
special effects for trial trial is using
the computer simulation to creative
backgrounds and
ships that would have normally been
created by managers are models in films
such as Star Wars or
Star Trek the computer things have all
of these
objects as three-dimensional objects
there is no limit to the point of view
to the camera there is no limit to the
physical realities of the art physical
house right for each other they can do
physically impossible thing
the characters are being creative light
our expression is
its painting with light and that is a
different way to create a physical
entity than has ever been
than any other time
and then we're really starts to be magic
is when you can
take images from real life and combine
them with computer simulated images
to to create a whole new things one
object can metamorphosis eyes to become
my expression for the things that
computer can create or
that they remind you of something you've
never seen before me
you the as the computers become more
powerful and as the artists
to learn
I think that what's going to happen is
that these realities are going to come
more spectacular
so for a performer just sitting on a
whole new stage
exactly we bring a new dimension to your
a new perspective to you or I this isn't
the finale
feel feature as long as we have creative
people to program was
as computers go easier to understand we
can do
anything together
physics chemistry education
its okay out and
and entertainment
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