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Jeff Swanson jeffgswanson

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jeffgswanson / ne_hs_bball.R
Created Jan 28, 2020
Nebraska High School Basketball Rankings
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# Manual Class A names
School <-
'Omaha South',
'Omaha Central',
jeffgswanson / gist:b9a8bf21f921b3bd01e306d94beee11b
Created Dec 27, 2017
Scrape table from and place data into a data frame in R
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# Set URL (make sure to use 'getURL' for https/secure sites)
nebrasketball2017_url <- getURL("")
# Pull data from second table on the page into a data frame for analysis
nebrasketball2017 <- readHTMLTable(nebrasketball2017_url, header = T, = T)[[2]]
jeffgswanson / gist:04bc9aa38a1037b93c1ef16982011eec
Last active Oct 9, 2017
Access Twitter API to use twitterR
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# Access Twitter API using twitterR
# Need to have a Twitter account and can access keys, secrets, tokens by creating an app at
# Include the single quotes around your access codes
tw_consumer_key <- 'your_consumer_key'
tw_consumer_secret <- 'your_consumer_secret'
tw_access_token <- 'your_access_token'
tw_access_secret <- 'your_access_secret'
setup_twitter_oauth(tw_consumer_key, tw_consumer_secret, tw_access_token, tw_access_secret)
jeffgswanson / gist:3a1d3f731422d258a9efc1492f5b0578
Last active Mar 17, 2020
Forecast website sessions from a CSV document in R
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# Install/Library these functions:
library (tidyr)
library (dplyr)
library (highcharter)
# Upload CSV file to R Studio, or other GUI containing only monthly sessions and dates
aa_data <- read.csv("~/[name of file].csv", stringsAsFactors = FALSE, header = TRUE, sep = ",")
# Check data structure of uploaded data
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