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* 1. Below discount rule should have dynamic data
* - Create a function to fill this dynamic data
* - Append to a HTML element with class .container
var discountRule = 'Add two more 2 products and receive 5 euro discount!';
* 2. Expand above code to have unlimited amount of dynamic arguments
* - Use a regulare expression to replace the dynamic arguments
* - Append to a HTML element with class .container
var discountRule = 'Add two more 2 products, receive 5 euro discount and 10 euro shipping discount!';
* 3. Create a prototype public function for above function
* - Use below String.prototype example
* - Define function and execute function, append result to a HTML element with class .container
String.prototype.functionName = function () {}
* 4. Above code should be executed after every AJAX call
* - Create an EventListener and apply the event listener on the correct element
* - When the event is executed, execute the correct function
* - Show how the event should be triggered
element.addEventListener("event", function () { /* Code */ });

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commented Jan 25, 2017

Add two more 2 products

Moet dit niet

Add two more products


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