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The Current State Of Remote Debugging For Mobile

source: Addy Osmani

Remote debugging allows us to execute and capture code in remote devices, providing a way to inspect HTML, CSS and JavaScript and make live changes. In terms of mobile, this means a way for us to communicate with mobile devices so we can debug code on them directly rather than just relying on emulators.

The landscape for remote debugging your apps on mobile is quite strong at the moment.

Chrome for Android supports remote debugging via USB and allows you to debug using the Chrome Developer Tools. (See: and Chrome for Android Remote Debugging for +Boris Smus's video walkthrough)

Opera has had support for remote debugging since 2008 and Dragonfly can remotely connect to Opera Mobile. (Tut:

Firefox for Android has had support for remote debugging since July and introduced support for this in Firefox 15. (Tut:

Safari on iOS6 includes an official Remote Web Inspector which will work with Macs. You'll have to use Safari 6 for Desktop to get it working, but there's a good tutorial available on this as well

There are also tons of great apps that can help with remote debugging, such as +Remy Sharp's or Weinre.

For a run-down on remote debugging and some more of your options, you might like to checkout Ryan Seddons excellent talk on the subject

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