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Jesse Dearing jessedearing

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View Webdeploy and Powershell.ps1
[Array]$arguments = "-verb:sync", "-source:contentPath=`"$web_staging_directory`"", "-dest:contentPath=`"\\$Server\$share\$appname\$web_project_name`""
$proc = Start-Process $msdeploy -ArgumentList $arguments -NoNewWindow -Wait -PassThru
if($proc.ExitCode -ne 0) {
throw "Failed to deploy"
jessedearing / Visual Studio .gitignore
Created Aug 3, 2010
My .gitignore file for Visual Studio
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#ignore thumbnails created by windows
#Ignore files build by Visual Studio
View update_all_repos.rb
repos = Dir['*']
repos.each do |repo|
if repo
Dir.chdir repo
`git pull`
jessedearing / gist:670071
Created Nov 9, 2010
Changes username for a virtual dir /test
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.\appcmd.exe set config /section:system.applicationHost/sites /`[name=`'Static`'].[path=`'/`'].[path=`'/test`'].userName:user /`[name=`'Static`'].[path=`'/`'].[path=`'/test`'].password:pass
View websocket.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
function onMessage(evt) {
con = document.getElementById("console");
con.innerHTML +=;
con.innerHTML += '<br />';
git tag $(date +%Y-%m-%d_release)
git push origin $(date +%Y-%m-%d_release)
View refactored worst ruby evar.rb do |day|
# time = {:day => day.to_datetime.utc.to_time.to_i}
time = {:day => day.to_datetime.utc}
if > day
if !hours_log[day].nil?
hours_in_sprint += hours_log[day]
burndown_data << time.merge({:hours => hours_in_sprint})
elsif day ==
burndown_data << time.merge({:hours => self.total_task_hours})
View module_example.rb
module Scopes
attr_writer :church_id
# evaluates to
# instance_eval do
# def church_id
# @church_id
# end
# def church_id=(value)
# @church_id = value
# end