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Created Mar 4, 2021
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used in Jasper Reports to pull in an image from a CSpace instance (v4.x and earlier)
# assumes this image will be a jpg...
    header("Content-Type: image/jpg");
# typically use the reader user cspace account
    $serverPrefix = "";
// sets the default image size to be retrieved
    $defaultFileSize = "thumbnail";
# default generic image filename. this is retrieved when there a real image can't be found
# could be created with imagemagick ahead of time with this command:
# convert -size 750x700 xc:grey -stroke black -draw "line 0,0 750,700" -draw "line 750,0 0,700" ok.jpg
    $defaultFileName = './ok.jpg';
// parse the URL 'format' param into a string we recognize
    function getImageFormatSizeName($formatSize){
        $myImageSize = $GLOBALS['defaultFileSize'];
# look for variations of known strings
            case "medium":
            case "Medium":
                $myImageSize = "Medium";
            case "large":
            case "original":
            case "originaljpeg":
            case "OriginalJpeg":
                $myImageSize = "OriginalJpeg";
            case "thumbnail":
            case "Thumbnail":
                $myImageSize = "Thumbnail";
        return $myImageSize;
// fetches the image based on the blob CSID and the format string
    function getImage($csid, $formatSizeName){
        $myURL = $GLOBALS['serverPrefix'] . $csid . "/derivatives/" . $formatSizeName . "/content";
        $fp = fopen($myURL, 'rb');
        if($fp === false) {
            $fp = fopen($GLOBALS['defaultFileName'], 'rb');
        return $fp;
// checks the validity of the URL params and either fetches the image,
// or fetches the default generic image
    if (isset($_GET['csid'])) {
        $csid = preg_replace('/[^0-9a-fA-F-]/', '', $_GET['csid']);
        $formatSize = $GLOBALS['defaultFileSize'];
        if (isset($_GET['format'])){
            $formatSize = $_GET['format'];
        $formatSizeName = getImageFormatSizeName($formatSize);
        $fp = getImage($csid, $formatSizeName);
    } else {
        $fp = fopen($GLOBALS['defaultFileName'], 'rb');
# can't get to work
    #header("Content-Length: " . filesize($fp));
// push out the image
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