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Show twitter friends sorted by tweet frequency.
Shows twitter friends sorted by tweet frequency.
import urllib, urllib2, json, datetime
def get_friends(username):
friends = {}
results = True
# cursor is used for paging until the value 0 is returned when
# there are no more results.
cursor = -1
base = ""
while cursor:
args = urllib.urlencode({'screen_name': username, 'cursor': cursor})
fp = urllib2.urlopen(base+args)
results = json.loads(
cursor = results['next_cursor']
for user in results['users']:
print 'processing %s...' % user['screen_name']
statuses = int(user['statuses_count'])
dt = user['created_at']
# slice out the timezone
created_string = dt[:-11] + dt[-5:]
created = datetime.datetime.strptime(created_string, "%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y")
days = ( - created).days
friends[user['screen_name']] = {
'created': created,
'statuses': statuses,
# make frequency a float for those who tweet < once/day
'frequency': float(statuses)/float(days)
return sort_by_frequency(friends)
def _cmp(t1, t2):
''' each tuple has a name and then dict element: (name,
{}). compare by the dict value of 'frequency' '''
if t1[1]['frequency'] < t2[1]['frequency']:
return -1
if t1[1]['frequency'] > t2[1]['frequency']:
return 1
else: return 0
def sort_by_frequency(friends):
# f is a list of (name, {}) tuples
f = zip(friends.keys(), friends.values())
f.sort(_cmp, reverse=True)
return f
if __name__ == '__main__':
username = raw_input("enter your twitter handle: ")
friends = get_friends(username)
per_day = 0
num_friends = 0
for k,v in friends:
per_day += v['frequency']
num_friends += 1
# what percent of your daily tweets does this person represent?
for k,v in friends:
v['percent'] = v['frequency']/float(per_day)
print "Screen Name\t\tFrequency/Day\t\tPercent/day"
for k,v in friends:
f = v['frequency']
p = v['percent']
print "%s\t\t%f\t\t%f" % (k, f, p)
print ''
print 'average number of tweets you receive per day: %d' % per_day
print "%d friends" % num_friends
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