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jesterswilde /
Created Feb 8, 2015
Renders a sprite sheet from 3DS Max and kicks it to Unity
--Sprite Sheet Renderer by Corey Wolff
--Currently this is setup to use automatically spit out a sprite sheet to a specific location based on the
--CreateProject and CreateAsset script I made. It also wants to then have Unity chop up the sprite sheet.
--If people are intersted I could modify this to be a more generic version.
jesterswilde / js
Created Sep 14, 2015
nQuees with Comments
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findNQueens = function(nSize){
//make an array, and fill it with ordered numbers to n
var rows = [];
// rows will have 0 - n pushed to it, non inclusive
for (var i = 0; i < n; i++){
// final array that gets returned
var results = [];
// storage for what we currently have
jesterswilde / itemComponent
Last active Mar 28, 2018
A code sample from a mobile app
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import { h } from 'preact';
import { appMethodsToProps } from '../appData';
import { classNames } from '../../util';
export default appMethodsToProps(({ clickOnItem, index, itemName, cost, selected, alreadyPaid })=> (
onClick={ ()=>clickOnItem(index) }
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const _ = (window)? window._ : require('underscore');
const {sum} = (window)? window.util : require('./Util');
const checkBounds = (body, world)=>{
let {position:[posX, posY], extents: [extX, extY]} = body;
let {boundsMinX: minX, boundsMinY: minY, boundsMaxX: maxX, boundsMaxY: maxY} = world;
if((posX - extX) < minX){
onCollision(body, null,{
axis: 0,
offset: -(posX - extX - minX)
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module.exports = (io)=>{
let roomID = 0;
let rooms = [];
let createRoom = function(id){
let room = {
isFull: function(){ return this.sockets.length >= this.capacity;},
capacity: 2,
sockets: [],
id : roomID,
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const transformData = dataArray =>{
//transforms the data in some way
const dataToObj = dataArray =>{
//converts the data to a new form
//The final object will be an object that contains all dependencies in this file.
jesterswilde / Action.cs
Created Dec 17, 2018
Time TraveL Action Class
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public class Action
System.Object value;
public System.Object Value { get { return value; } }
ActionEnum type;
public ActionEnum Type { get { return type; } }
ITimed timed;
public ITimed Timed{get{return timed;}}
public Action(ITimed timedObj, ActionEnum actionEnum, System.Object valueToStore = null){
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public enum ActionEnum
View ITimed.cs
public interface ITimed
TimedState Serialize();
void Hydrate(SeriealizedState state);
void Play(float time);
void ProcessAction(Action action);
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public class Timeline
int currentFrame = 0;
public int CurrentFrame
get { return currentFrame; }
set { currentFrame = value; }