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Last active May 28, 2017

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Jeswin P Kumar

Available for Consulting, Development and Training.

  • Bangalore, India
  • jeswinpk (that symb goes here), + 91-98454-45469



  • Developer and Architect with 16 years of professional experience
  • Has led teams of up to 40 developers in the role of Technical Architect
  • Hands on, plenty of actively maintained projects on GitHub for reference
  • Consulted for over 30 projects (across multiple organizations) over the last 7 years
  • Helped set up Agile Processes and Practices with geographically distributed teams
  • Strong expertise in the JavaScript ecosystem


  • Node.JS, React, Relay, Redux, Flow, TypeScript, AngularJS, Backbone, Express, MongoDb, Docker
  • Python, Django, PostgreSql, Oracle
  • .Net, C#, Asp.Net, Entity Framework, Azure, WCF, Sql Server, Sharepoint, Powershell, Automation


  • Developer tools, Cloud, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Industrial Automation, IT Automation

Employment History

  • Founder at NodeJam (earlier called Fora) - 2015 to date
  • Senior Consultant at AgileHead – 2009 to date
  • Consultant/Architect at various companies - till June 2008
  • Senior Engineer (Research and Development) at Nous – 2004 to 2006
  • Co-founder and Technical Lead, PulzeStream – 2001-2004

Selected Projects

  1. NodeJam - Turns Software Development into a collaborative process open to participation by anyone with a web browser, requiring no additional software installation.

    • Full-stack Isomorphic Framework (Web Server, Database, Build tools and UI running inside the browser as well as the server)
    • Cloud based IDE with Debugging Support
    • Git integration
    • Provisioning and Scaling (with Docker)
  2. Professional Social Network

    • Similar to Linkedin
    • Python, Postgres, Django, Solr
    • Developer/Consultant
  3. Electronic Medical Records system (US client)

    • The application provided access to Electronic Medical Records to hospitals, physicians and health care agencies.
    • Web application with thousands of users
    • .Net Framework 3.5/4.0, Sql Server 2008 R2, Asp.Net MVC
    • Web Services API for integration with multiple external systems
    • Consultant/Architect in a team of 6
  4. European Job Portal

    • One of Ireland’s largest job portals, with presence across Europe
    • .Net 3.5, Sql Server 2008, Asp.Net MVC
    • Apache Solr (on Tomcat/Linux) for the Search Engine
    • Architect in a Team of 12, 2009-2010
  5. AgileFx Rapid Development Framework (

    • AgileFx is an Open Source LINQ-based ORM for the .Net Framework, with features comparable to Entity Framework and special focus given to performance. It includes a Visual Studio based Entity Designer built with the DSL Toolkit.
    • Visual Studio Extensibility, DSL Toolkit
    • High-performance, Parallel, Multi-backend ORM
    • Led the design and development of this system (2009-2010)
  6. Local e-commerce marketplace during the late 90's! (1999)

    • Rich JavaScript application before it became a thing
    • Perl, JavaScript and Linux
  7. SharePoint 2007 based Customer Care Portal

    • The system tracked service requests and responses across hundreds of locations, with thousands of active users.
    • SharePoint, Asp.Net, C#, Sql Server
    • Integration with Google Maps, extensive AJAX functionality
    • Windows Workflow for Customizable Workflows
    • Consultant/Architect in a team of 12 (2007)
  8. DL-1290, DLD-2090, DLD-2290 Industrial Level and Height Measurement Devices

    • Industrial Automation System
    • Involved Mechanical, Electronic and Software components.
    • Software Environment: C(Win32) and C#
    • Team of 6, 12 Months (2003-2004)


  • B Tech, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (REC/NIT Calicut), 1998-2002
  • St. Joseph’s High School and College, Calicut Till '98


Available on request.

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