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Build a simple product visualiser with Gravity Forms Color Picker
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<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(e, formId, currentFormPage) {
// Hide all the product images
jQuery( ".gform_body li.preview-area img" ).css('display','none');
// Now show the first image to start with
jQuery( ".gform_body li.preview-area img:eq(1)" ).css('display','block');
// On color swatch click/secltion
jQuery( "li.color-picker-choice " ).click(function() {
// Get index of color selection input
var $radioIndex = jQuery( "li.color-picker-choice ").index(this);
// Refernce the images in the preview
var $imageRef = jQuery( ".gform_body li.preview-area .product");
// Hide all images to start with
// Show relevant image in reference to click color selection index
$imageRef.eq( $radioIndex ).css("display","block");
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