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Created Jun 25, 2015
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Import Script for Neo4j for the Standford SNAP: Pokec Social Network dataset using Neo4j's parallel importer (takes 30s for 1.6M nodes 30M rels)
echo "Usage [pokec.db] [2.2.2|2.3-SNAPSHOT]"
#Import: POKEC Dataset from Stanford Snap
if [ ! -f soc-pokec-profiles.txt.gz ]; then
curl -OL
if [ ! -f soc-pokec-relationships.txt.gz ]; then
curl -OL
if [ ! -f soc-pokec-profiles_no_null_sorted.txt.gz ]; then
gzip -dc soc-pokec-profiles.txt.gz | sed -e 's/null//g' | sort -k1 -n --parallel=10 -S 5G | gzip > soc-pokec-profiles_no_null_sorted.txt.gz
echo "_key:ID public:INT completion_percentage gender:INT region last_login registration AGE:INT body I_am_working_in_field spoken_languages hobbies I_most_enjoy_good_food pets body_type my_eyesight eye_color hair_color hair_type completed_level_of_education favourite_color relation_to_smoking relation_to_alcohol sign_in_zodiac on_pokec_i_am_looking_for love_is_for_me relation_to_casual_sex my_partner_should_be marital_status children relation_to_children I_like_movies I_like_watching_movie I_like_music I_mostly_like_listening_to_music the_idea_of_good_evening I_like_specialties_from_kitchen fun I_am_going_to_concerts my_active_sports my_passive_sports profession I_like_books life_style music cars politics relationships art_culture hobbies_interests science_technologies computers_internet education sport movies travelling health companies_brands more" > profiles_header.txt
echo ':START_ID :END_ID' > relationships_header.txt
#export NEO=~/Downloads/neo4j-enterprise-2.3-SNAPSHOT
#export NEO=/data/versions/neo4j-enterprise-2.3-SNAPSHOT
export NEO=/data/versions/neo4j-enterprise-$VERSION
export IDTYPE=integer #actual
rm -rf $DB
$NEO/bin/neo4j-import --into $DB --id-type $IDTYPE --delimiter TAB --quote Ö --nodes:PROFILES profiles_header.txt,soc-pokec-profiles_no_null_sorted.txt.gz --relationships:RELATION relationships_header.txt,soc-pokec-relationships.txt.gz
JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx12G -Xmn2G" $NEO/bin/neo4j-shell -path $DB -c 'CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (p:PROFILES) ASSERT p._key IS UNIQUE;'
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patriciare commented Oct 10, 2016

Error in input data
Caused by:Extra column not present in header on line 0 in /home/patricia/Descargas/280ed1a37368e24357c5-a8c4a1e2f313ce8f4991c77a65a9a4b2741dcd81/soc-pokec-profiles_no_null_sorted.txt.gz with value null

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