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Inclusion Rider

I'm lucky enough to get asked to speak at a number of conferences, and I want to make sure I use that privilege to help improve the state of the industry. As a result I've put together a list to make sure the conferences I speak at reflect my values:

For all events

  • Code of Conduct: There must be a code of conduct that is clearly visible on the front page of the website, and which covers all conference participants including sponsors. The code of conduct must include details on who to contact and guidelines on enforcement and reporting. A good sample code of conduct is available at
  • Speaker diversity: At least 40% of speakers (including keynote speakers) must be women or nonbinary folks, and if the conference is held in North America, Europe, or Australia/NZ, at least 5% must be of non-European origin. If you would like me to speak on a panel, there must be at least two women on the panel.
  • Bathrooms: There must be at least one gender-neutral / family bathroom (if the venue you are using does not have one, ask if you can put a temporary sign over one of the gendered bathrooms for the duration of the event).

For large or for-profit conferences in North America, Europe, and Australia

  • Nursing room: There must be at least one nursing/feeding room (in addition to the gender-neutral / family bathroom).
  • Accessibility: The venue must be accessible by ADA (or local equivalent) standards. An ADA checklist is available here: There must be sign language interpretation or closed captioning for at least the main conference track.
  • Labor conditions: All service staff at the venue must be either unionised or receive at least the prevailing minimum wage and have healthcare insurance / benefits.
  • Diversity scholarship: At least 2% of tickets must be made available for free to members of underrepresented groups who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Thanks to Nicole Sanchez for her post on inclusion riders:

If you'd like to re-use or adapt this document feel free, it is licensed public domain / CC0

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