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Jeremy Nagel jeznag

  • COzero
  • Sydney
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jeznag / SpecialFormTest.php
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Connecting PHPUnit with PhantomJS
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include_once 'TestScaffold.php';
class SpecialFormTest extends TestScaffold
public function testTitle() {
$this->url('http://localhost/special_form/public/' );
jeznag / person.js
Created May 17, 2015
Person deserializer
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import DS from 'ember-data';
import config from '../config/environment';
var counter = 1;
export default DS.RESTSerializer.extend({
extractSingle: function(store, type, payload, id) {
var people = payload.results.people;
payload = {
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import DS from 'ember-data';
import Ember from 'ember';
var inflector = Ember.Inflector.inflector;
inflector.irregular('person', 'people');
inflector.singular(/person/, 'person');
let Person = DS.Model.extend({
fullName: DS.attr( 'string' ),
View gist:6d08233bd3af27761a9e
"people": [
"name": "Oliver Oldham",
"location": "Sydney Australia",
"description": "Enterprise Technologist in Cloud and Infrastructure. General Manager of the Cloud Practice @ Telstra, critical thinker and Jumps from perfectly good planes.",
"photo": ""
"name": "Tim Love",
jeznag / actual JSON payload
Created May 17, 2015
Actual JSON payload from Kimono
View actual JSON payload
"name": "followerwonk",
"count": 50,
"url": "",
"results": {
"people": [
"name": "[Name redacted]",
"location": "Sydney Australia",
"description": "Enterprise Technologist in Cloud and Infrastructure. General Manager of the Cloud Practice @ Telstra, critical thinker and Jumps from perfectly good planes.",
jeznag / gist:62f22aa9b7a54d7ed107
Created May 22, 2015
Get profile details for Zoho CRM user using deluge script
View gist:62f22aa9b7a54d7ed107
//get details for this user
userResp = getUrl((""));
info userResp;
users = userResp.executeXPath("/users/user");
if ((users != null) && (users != "")) {
userList = users.toList("-|-");
for each user in userList {
idNode = user.executeXPath("/user/@id");
id = idNode.executeXPath("/id/text()");
if (id == ownerId) {
jeznag / gist:836b3963f4398531e99f
Created May 22, 2015
Mass update lookups in Zoho CRM using custom function
View gist:836b3963f4398531e99f
void update_vendor_lookup (int finance_equity_id)
finance_equity_obj = zoho.crm.getRecordById("CustomModule4", finance_equity_id);
lender_string = finance_equity_obj.get("Lender");
lender_id = 0;
if (lender_string.contains("Adelaide")){
//figure out appropriate lookup value based on picklist
lender_id = 1002375000002270019;
jeznag / gist:7e12bf5c68a36ad44fbd
Created May 31, 2015
Update amount for Zoho CRM potential based on related products
View gist:7e12bf5c68a36ad44fbd
potential_obj = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Potentials", potential_id);
related_products = zoho.crm.getRelatedRecords("Products", "Potentials", potential_id.toString(), 1,200);
total_amount = 0.0;
for each product in related_products {
total_amount = total_amount + product.get("Unit Price").toDecimal();
potential_obj.put("Amount", total_amount);
potential_obj.put("Populate amount based on products associated", false);
jeznag / gist:0baf6f2fe9f54857bfb7
Created May 31, 2015
Add call log to Zoho CRM lead
View gist:0baf6f2fe9f54857bfb7
void workflowspace.add_call_log(int lead_id)
lead_obj = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Leads", input.lead_id);
lead_name = ((lead_obj.get("First Name")) + " ") + lead_obj.get("Last Name");
lead_company = lead_obj.get("Company");
call_log_obj = map();
call_log_obj.put("Subject", "Call with " + lead_name);
call_log_obj.put("Call Type", "Outbound");
call_log_obj.put("SEMODULE", "Leads");
call_log_obj.put("SEID", input.lead_id);
jeznag / gist:e16cb7ad1d56e68cef75
Created Jun 3, 2015
Add notes to Zoho CRM contact
View gist:e16cb7ad1d56e68cef75
void workflowspace.add_notes_to_a_contact(int contact_id)
note_text = "Sample note";
note_obj = map();
note_obj.put("SEMODULE", "Contacts");
note_obj.put("SEID", input.contact_id);
note_obj.put("Note Title", "Test Title");
note_obj.put("Note Content", note_text);
create_resp = zoho.crm.create("Notes", note_obj);
info create_resp;
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