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Last active May 9, 2021
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Using graph theory to clone JavaScript objects with circular references
function isObject(entity) {
return typeof entity === "object" && entity !== null;
function cloneNonObjectProperties(obj) {
return Object.fromEntries(
Object.entries(obj).filter(([, v]) => !isObject(v))
function getAdjacentNodes(obj) {
return (
.filter(([, v]) => isObject(v))
function cloneGraph(obj) {
return cloneNode(obj, new Map())
function cloneNode(obj, helperDict) {
// if we have already encountered this node
// we can just return its clone reference
if(helperDict.has(obj)) {
return helperDict.get(obj)
// otherwise we start by cloning non object properties
const clonedNode = cloneNonObjectProperties(obj);
// then we set the just cloned reference as the obj clone
// to avoid reworks on it
helperDict.set(obj, clonedNode)
// now we recursively clone each object reachable by the current node
for (const [k, n] of getAdjacentNodes(obj)) {
const clonedAdjacentNode = cloneNode(n, helperDict);
// we can set the new reference on the cloned obj
clonedNode[k] = clonedAdjacentNode
return clonedNode;
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