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argparse An argparser inspired by the python module =as-jpolo parser arg cli console options
bejesus-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform. =DanBUK
btoa-atob CLI tools to convert files into and from base64. =jussi-kalliokoski base64 btoa atob convert cli tools
buster-args Parser for CLI arguments. =augustl
cli A tool for rapidly building command line apps =cohara87 cli command line opts parseopt opt args console argsparse optparse daemon autocomplete command autocompletion
cli-color Colors and formatting for the console =medikoo ansi color console terminal cli shell log logging xterm
cli-table Pretty unicode tables for the CLI =rauchg cli colors table
cliff Your CLI formatting friend. =indexzero =marak =nicoreed cli logging tools winston
clip express meets the CLI =bradleymeck CLI
cloudnode-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform. =dvbportal
deja CLI utility for managing git versioning of dotfiles, cheetsheets, etc. =mcantelon
forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever) =indexzero cli fault tolerant sysadmin tools
forge An easy to use CLI tool for compiling projects =goatslacker build compile compress
gista Simple cli utility for using like a unix pro. =Tim-Smart
http-server a simple zero-configuration command-line http server =marak cli command
imagemagick A wrapper around the imagemagick cli =rsms
jinjs A templating language in the Jinja(python)/Twig(php) family for Javascript. It's objective is to compile document templates into Javascript functions Comes with a CLI tool to use it on static documents and not only for the web. Is also made in tandem with Pwilang, which can then be (optionally) used to make HaML-like templates. =christophe.eymard language compiler templating pwilang html xml jinjs
jitsu Flawless command line deployment of your Node.js apps to the cloud =indexzero =marak cli nodejitsu cloud hosting platform-as-a-service deployment
jqbuild A command line build tool for jQuery plugins. =cowboy cli cowboy jquery plugin
jshint a cli for jshint =brentlintner
jus-task Easy namespaced task handling in CLI =naholyr
meme a CLI utility to generate memes using =floby meme cli
mingy Cheap parsing for your CLI tool and adventure game needs. =mcantelon
nestor Jenkins NodeJS CLI =cliffano jenkins ci
ngist Gist module and CLI tool using node.js =chapel gist cli github tools A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform, based on stack =frank
nodester-cli A CLI tool to allow interaction with the platform. =DanBUK =davglass =chrismatthieu
npm-deploy Simple cli utility for installing dependenies and running deployment scripts. =Tim-Smart
ntodo A simple CLI TODO parser for the lazy coder =csanz todo cli github utils
nyam Yammer CLI tool using node.js =csanz yammer cli github tools
optimist Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached. =substack argument args option parser parsing cli command
optparse Command-line option parser =jfd option parser command-line cli terminal
parseopt Advanced command line option parser. =panzi option parser command-line cli terminal getopt opts args
pretty-json Simple node cli utility for presenting JSON with glamour. =Tim-Smart
procfile A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever) =indexzero tools procfile sysadmin
progress Flexible ascii progress bar =tjholowaychuk cli progress
restartr Restart your process when a file changes. =aaronblohowiak restart autoload reload restarter command-line cli terminal
smartdc Client SDK and CLI for the Joyent SmartDataCenter API =mcavage
table Node Tables =jan.gorman table cli text
tutti Tutti - a fun way to browser test. Includes both a terminal application(CLI), and a driver library. =airportyh command line javascript testing cli node browser
tuttiterm Tutti in your terminal. A CLI interface in your terminal for Tutti - the multi-browser interactive Javascript shell. =airportyh
yanc Yet Another Nodester CLI =agnoster
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