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Josh Holbrook jfhbrook

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Add-Type -AssemblyName PresentationFramework
$ExpectedPassword = (New-Object `
PSCredential `
"josh",(Read-Host "What's the password you're trying to learn?" -AsSecureString) `
$Interval = 3600 # 1 hour
for (;;) {


A problem I run into a lot while working with PowerShell is trying to find the right verb to use for a function. PowerShell functions are by convention named with the form {Verb}-{Noun}, and while the Noun can vary wildly (and is in fact often more "the rest of the sentence" than a noun per se), the Verb is supposed to conform to a list of approved PowerShell verbs. Sometimes finding the right verb is easy, especially if the verb you're looking for is already in the list, but sometimes it can be a challenge!

I hacked up an Azure function that hits the Merriam-Webster thesaurus API to look up synonyms for a given search and then sees which of them are included in the output of [Get-Verb](

View twice_reversed.sql
select * from (select * from some_table order by a desc, b desc, c desc) order by a asc, b asc, c asc;
if 'details' not in item:
raise ValidationError('No details in item', item=item)
details = item['details']
if 'fields' not in details:
raise ValidationError('No fields in details for item', item=item)
if 'sections' not in details:
raise ValidationError('No sections in details for item', item=item)
jfhbrook / leettrace.js
Last active Apr 5, 2020
Some pastable classes for tracing execution in leetcode and such
View leettrace.js
function pad(item, depth, justify) {
let padded = String(item);
if (justify) {
padded = ' '.repeat(depth) + padded;
return padded.slice(padded.length - depth, padded.length);
padded += ' '.repeat(depth)
return padded.slice(depth);
View euler_1.bat
@echo off
set /A i=1
set /A sum=0
set /A irem3=%i% %% 3
set /A irem5=%i% %% 5
if %irem3% EQU 0 (set /A sum+=%i%) else (if %irem5% EQU 0 set /A sum+=%i%)
jfhbrook /
Created Mar 8, 2020
This FUCKING WILD quote from Happier - Tal Ben-Shahar

When I was growing up, my favorite cartoon was Richie Rich: The Poor Little Rich Boy, about the struggles of a child, who, seemingly, had it all. The oxymoron in the title, of being poor and rich simultaneously, makes perfect sense if we invoke the ultimate currency: in our relatively to-do society, we see an increasing number of wealthy children - and adults - who are unhappy. Some refer to this phenomena as a form of “affluenza”; I have come to think of it as the underprivilege of privilege.


~/.doom.d Literate Config


This is the macro that defines the base config for doom and which modules it loads.

You can press K when on top of one of these in source editing mode to get help, and gd to browse the directory.

jfhbrook / client.html
Last active Feb 13, 2020
POC for peer to peer video streaming using an OBS browser source
View client.html
<h1>rtc peer test client</h1>
<form id="connect-form">
<label for="server-id">SERVER ID:</label>
<input type="text" name="server-id" id="server-id" required />
<input type="submit" value="CONNECT" />
<div id="log"></div>
jfhbrook /
Last active Jul 13, 2020
You ready? I'm fuckin' ready.

Macbook Air Setup

Change A Big Pile of OSX Defaults

  • Screensaver: NO LOAFING
  • Dock: left, automatically hide/show, smol, no recent apps
  • Mission Control: plz2b no rearrangin my spaces kthx
  • Security: ask for password immediately >:O
  • Trackpad: non-natural scroll, remove force click bullshit, no 3-finger tap, no smart zoom, no rotate, turn off all “more gestures” gestures EXCEPT Mission Control and swipe between fullscreen apps
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