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Created May 20, 2015
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Python script to grep homepages on a subnet and will report if text is found.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Name: grepips
# Purpose: #!/usr/bin/env python
# Name: grepips
# Purpose: grep a subnet and report if text is found.
# By: Jerry Gamblin
# Date: 20.05.15
# Modified 20.05.15
# Rev Level 0.1
## -----------------------------------------------
import os
import sys
import commands
from netaddr import IPNetwork
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print("quickgrep subnet/24 string")
subnet = sys.argv[1]
s2g = sys.argv[2]
for ip in IPNetwork(subnet):
command = ("{0}{1}{2}{3}").format("lynx --source http://",ip," | grep -ci ",s2g)
bad = commands.getoutput(command)
if bad is '1':
print ip
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